Is it better to have a higher TDP or lower TDP?


Is it better to have a higher TDP or lower TDP in AMD or INTEL ?

I'm reading the specs on a few processors, and the AMD & intel is available with Thermal Design Power of 65W or 95W or 125W or . Which is better for Energy Efficient Processor? What does it actually mean?

iam planing to buy new PC for 3D Rendering , want to use ( Autodesk 3Ds Max , Autodesk Maya , Autodesk Softimage , Autodesk Mudbox , zbrush )

please give me ur suggestion thax :)


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lower TDP is better always. as heat is low. but for demanding apps (as you mentioned) first look for performance & later thin about the TDP & heat. you should get i7 or Phenom II X6, provided your budget permits & you expect a good value in return.


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TDP = Thermal Design Power.
To do its work, a processor draws power from the power supply unit (PSU) and most of that power ultimately turns into heat. The harder a processor works, the more power it consumes and the hotter it gets.

Each processor type is designed for a certain maximum amount of heating power, and that power is the TDP.

Manufacturers keep trying to make processors more power-efficient so that they consume less power to do the same work or do more work for the same power. Therefore, for the same computing capacity, the lower the TDP, the better.
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