1. D@rekills4

    Suggest a new PC, high configuration, mostly for AutoDesk Products, Revit, AutoCAD, etc.

    Hey guys, so I need a new PC, it will be used in my office and will be mostly used for AutoDesk products like Revit and AutoDesk. My current laptops with 8 GB RAM, i7 Quad Core 2.0 GHz processor and 2 GB Nvidia M series graphics cannot hold up with my current Revit files. One file got so large...
  2. S

    Laptop for animation works between 30-35K

    i need a laptop for my academic use (i'm a animation student though). i'm not prefering desktop because am not at home. a friend of mine says that he also had laptop for the same reason but software like maya and 3Ds max forced him buy a desktop - - - Updated - - - let it be DOS or no OS...
  3. spironox

    Help us to put together a Render Monster !

    1. What is the purpose of the computer? What all applications and games are you going to run? Ans: The computer I need to put up shall be used as the rendering Machine , mostly Autodesk 3dmax 2009-2012 shall be used along with adobe CS series (all lincensed) dual processors & liquid cooled if...
  4. spironox

    3dmax 2012 Rendering Fails

    Hi there people, Its being a while since i had been on digit forum .. Yep lot changed here on the forum i see new faces and better efficient solutions being handed out to people ..happy for that :) below is the system config of a computer ... kindly go through that <<< System Summary >>>...
  5. R

    Laptop selection problem

    Hi everyone !!!!!!!! Can any one help me choosing laptop having following configuration 1. atleast 4GB RAM 2. 2GB graphic Card 3. 500GB HDD 4. screen size minimum 15'' inches. 5. i7 processor (3rd gen) or i5 processor(3rd gen) I am a game designer and 3D animator and basically have...
  6. G

    HP DV6 7012tx, HP DV6- 6165tx , Dell XPS 15 or HP DV6 7010 tx ?

    I need a laptop that can run latest games at medium or High Details but most importantly i want to Run software like Autodesk Maya 2012, Autodesk 3ds Max etc. smoothly, please tell me which is the best among these :- HP DV6 7012tx, HP DV6- 6165tx , Dell XPS 15 or HP DV6 7010 tx I have budget of...
  7. S

    Composition for PC used in Animation and Vfx

    I want a composition that would fit for my uses on Animation and Vfx. I will use my computer for softwares like: Adobe Photoshop Adobe After Effects Adobe Premiere Adobe Audition Adobe Flash Adobe Illustrator Adobe InDesign Adobe Dreamweaver Autodesk Maya Autodesk 3dsmax Autodesk Mudbox...
  8. savithk

    Is it better to have a higher TDP or lower TDP?

    Is it better to have a higher TDP or lower TDP in AMD or INTEL ? I'm reading the specs on a few processors, and the AMD & intel is available with Thermal Design Power of 65W or 95W or 125W or . Which is better for Energy Efficient Processor? What does it actually mean? iam planing to buy...
  9. savithk

    which LapTop....???

    I am looking for a laptop for extreme use. Typically zbrush , Modo , Autodesk 3DS Max 2011 and Autodesk Maya 2011 & Autodesk Softimage 2011. Would prefer a 64 bit system and also would use it for multimedia applications like storing, conerting and playing my video and audio files. Can you...
  10. iitmanojit

    I have lost AUTODESK MAYA 2011 activation key!

    Hello.... I am in a serius problem. I have a genuine Autodesk Maya 2011 software (My Uncle had gifted it from USA). The matter is I was using it nice with the serial, activation keys, request codes, product codes; but I have formatted my computer last week. And my mother had trashed Maya 2011...
  11. A

    Autodesk 3d Studio Max installation Problem

    I am trying to install Autodesk 3D Studio Max(2008) on my PC running Windows XP SP 2 with DirectX9. It installed successfully but when I tried to lunch the application it showed that some .dll file is missing that's why it can not run, and reinstallation of the software may solve the problem.So...
  12. narangz

    AutoCAD 2009 Released!

    Autodesk has released the new versions of its products on March 25th 2008. The new versions include all of the AutoCAD 2009 products. The Autodesk website mentions 'NEW RELEASE' along with all the product lineup. The new versions of the following products have been released: AutoCAD...
  13. narangz

    AutoCAD Architecture 2009 Released?

    Hello friends, I want to know if Autodesk has released AutoCAD Architecture 2009? Anyone uses it here? I want to learn it.
  14. elenec

    Autodesk has announced the new 3ds Max 2009 and followed with new 3ds Max Design 2009

    Source Mods please del this post i post it second time by mistake
  15. elenec

    Autodesk has announced the new 3ds Max 2009 and followed with new 3ds Max Design 2009

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