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Is Cyber Cafe a Profitable Business today?


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Is Cyber cafe still a profitable business in current scenario?

Where tablets, phablets, etc are more common for daily usage of surfing & downloading..

Me & my friend planning to start a cyber cafe with atleast 12-15 PCs but I doubt will it work in current scenario..

Need advice here..


Cyborg Agent
If you are planning only as Internet service, then nope. I left the business in 2009 and now I think I should have done that even earlier.

However, you could also
1) Include gaming
2) do Documentation for College projects, thesis etc (DTP)
3) do PC service (not much profit in sales in low numbers)



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Agree with [MENTION=1931]lywyre[/MENTION], almost everyone now have internet access.
LAN gaming can be a good idea within the cafe.
and maybe you should add some side business with it, like Printing.

Xerox stores near my area give print out at cost of
3Rs/page (b/w) - was 5Rs for some time (dont know the reason, 3Rs is the current)
10Rs/page (color) - even if the print contains single color word, they charge that much.

That looks profitable because not everyone has a printer/has cartridges filled all the time, there comes some urgent situations when many people go for stores to get the prints.


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my friend owns one cybercafe...he uses it for web designing too ...soo they do webdesigning , printing, scanning, gaming ...and earns descent with all that
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