1. N

    Bachelor thesis on digital payment.

    Hi everyone, I am currently working on my bachelor thesis on decreasing cyber-crime in India. As such I need the help of people living in India to fill in my 100% anonymous short survey! I know how this sound so I am only asking you for maximum 1 minute of your time! This survey will help me...
  2. T

    Hello Everybody

    Hi, I'm Jayeed a cyber security especialist. I came to know about this forum from Google search result. I'm new in this forum. I will try to my best for better contribution. Writing on cyber security problem is my favorite hobby.
  3. beingGamer

    Opening Cyber cafe [Suggestions/tips]

    Hey guys, I was having a thought of opening a cyber cafe in near/far(:p) future Location would be at my native place. Maybe around 8-10 machines for basic internet surfing & gaming. This is just a thought for now, so, for now I would just like to get info from anyone related to this business...
  4. Desmond

    Windows 95 is 20 years old.

    Happy 20th birthday, Windows 95!
  5. A

    Join cyber cell? or career in cyber security?

    I'm in last year of electronics and tele-communication engineering, BE (EXTC). I want to join cyber cell or make career in cyber security. So what I need to do for making career in this, certification? or diploma? or anything else? And 1 friend of mine done 12th, and have interest in this but...
  6. soyab0007

    Is Cyber Cafe a Profitable Business today?

    Is Cyber cafe still a profitable business in current scenario? Where tablets, phablets, etc are more common for daily usage of surfing & downloading.. Me & my friend planning to start a cyber cafe with atleast 12-15 PCs but I doubt will it work in current scenario.. Need advice here..
  7. E

    Queries about future in cyber security

    Kindly close the thread.
  8. Desmond

    World Cyber Games (WCG) to cease operating all tournaments and events in 2014

    What a sad year!! World Cyber Games CEO Brad Lee has sent out an email stating that the longstanding esports organization will no longer hold tournaments including its historic Grand Finals event. Source : World Cyber Games (WCG) to cease operating all tournaments and events in 2014...
  9. R

    Help me in choosing suitabe branch for engineering

    hello everyone, i am really confused in between computer science and information technology.let me tell you about my qualification i am having certificate in CEH(Certified ethical hacking),CHNA(Computer Hardware & Networking Administration),learned website designing too and know every basic...
  10. G

    Clamp down on social media, demand MPs

  11. A

    Cyber Forensics Courses

    Hi Everyone, I'm in my final year of Engineering(CSE) and am looking four options to purse higher studies. Cyber Forensics really interests me and would like to know of colleges that offer courses on Information Security/ Cyber Forensics. I'm more inclined to writing a GRE and going abroad but...
  12. Flash

    TN will use Goondas Act to curb cyber crime

    Cyber crimes that are grave in nature will now attract detention under the Goondas Act. Winding up a conference of senior IAS/IPS officers here on Wednesday, Chief Minister Jayalalithaa announced that suitable amendments would be made to include cyber crime under the Tamil Nadu Prevention of...
  13. R

    294 government websites hacked between Jan-Oct 2012: CERT-In

    294 government websites hacked between Jan-Oct 2012: CERT-In well, now we know what using original software does to you... :P
  14. NoasArcAngel

    is cs 1.6 dead?

    well following the recent events and people who keep up with them. Cs 1.6 has now been officially removed from Intel Extreme Masters and World Cyber Games. What do you guys think about this ?
  15. BilluMastan

    Cyber Forensics

    Cyber Forensics, an useful discussion forum which may cater many purposes in the present context and to create awareness among the people who always become the easy pray to the hackers and attackers every now and then. I seek the administrators wise decission to start a new forum like this which...
  16. P

    Need Advice Regarding Printer

    I want to buy a printer that can scan copy and print. Only laser printer, that can be refillable easily. I want to use that printer in my Cyber cafe. Black and white will be ok. Budget Rs 8000/
  17. V

    help needed in setting up a network in cyber cafe

    Dear All. I will running a new cyber cafe.I will try to setup networking myself. Need some information : Will setup 5 units computer for internet surfing. What networking hardware should i prepare. anyone can provide step by step information. thanks!
  18. E

    cyber security course required

    hey guys i have just passed my 10th:))now i am planning to do a cyber security course as i cant do my 11th as i have some health problem.i want to do a online cyber security course for three reasons.first i live in Patna and most courses don't have their centers in Patna.second i have health...
  19. N

    Cyber Cafe

    Ok I am setting up a cyber cafe with 7 or 8 computers. I have finalized following configurations. CPU -------- Intel P4 3.2 GHz (not dual core) MB---------- MSI G31 Memory------ 1 GB DDR2 Hard disk---- 320 GB or 500 GB (Confused because there is almost no price difference between 320GB and...
  20. T

    Need help on Cyber Security courses in India

    Hi , I'm working in mid tier software company as a application support engineer have 13 months of experience .I wish to get become Online Security Analyst I'm looking for some certification which can help me become "Online Security Analyst " I'm Basically looking for some cost...
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