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  1. ico

    Gaming mouse needed.

    Budget is Rs. 2000 max. I think Razer has build quality issues. Plus their Synapse DRM crap a couple of years back pissed a lot of people off. Dunno about the current scenario. My hand is not small, neither big. Just a normal hand. I use Palm grip.
  2. soyab0007

    Is Cyber Cafe a Profitable Business today?

    Is Cyber cafe still a profitable business in current scenario? Where tablets, phablets, etc are more common for daily usage of surfing & downloading.. Me & my friend planning to start a cyber cafe with atleast 12-15 PCs but I doubt will it work in current scenario.. Need advice here..
  3. Gauravs90

    Java or .Net

    Sir, I'm pursuing B.Tech with CS and I've passed 2nd yr, now my summer holidays are going on. I'm in big confusion whether to go for Java or .Net tutorial classes. I previously planned to do training with .Net in the end of third year but someone said that I should not do both Java and...
  4. S

    Some doubts in VC++

    Hi, I am working in VC++ to develop a program... The objective of the program is to take a chosen geometry with some properties like area, width, depth (input) and verify if it is okay for use in defined scenario (also input). Now, this part I have got to work. From here, I want to...
  5. dreams

    Best backup strategy and application

    Hi all, Need some expert advice/suggestions here..Unfortunately search doesnt work in TGF so pardon me if this has been asked many a times. Here is my scenario..I have 5 laptops and around20 desktops in my office. As of now, all the desktop users are saving their files in our server...
  6. INS-ANI

    Are you playboy enough??

    Well, here is the scenario... You are just starting a journey in a train back to your home. And you find a very attractive girl. So lets consider the worst case scenario, she is with parents or competitive friends. The objective is to start a conversation that should last till the journey...
  7. raksrules

    Why are these News Channels obsessed with Khali ???

    I mean WTF is happening in the Indian (esp Hindi) news channel scenario. Everyday while surfing through them we see Khali - The Mahabali splashed all over.
  8. champ_rock

    Laptop mouse died :( :( help

    Hi My laptop mouse has suddenly stopped working. it is going in weird directions.. if i take my finger to the right then it will not move at all. if i move in the left then it goes to the right and so on... just ging randomly this is the same scenario in windows xp and ubuntu which makes...
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