ipad 4 vs nexus 10 - gaming !


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I have a brother who is 11 years. Now he wants a gaming console.
He used to play in my galaxy note n7000.. However he wants a dedicated device for himself.he will also watch some movies , take pictures often and surf the web. ..

He is pretty obsessed with the nexus10.
But i have heard people saying that ipads are superior when it comes to games and tablet based applications.
And I surprisingly found all the views Internet supporting it.
I have never used an apple device so far. So i am just worried.
Also i also wondered where i can plug in some pendrives in ipad like the otg cable for android.
Also stream games ,videos to an hdtv like Bravia via wifi...

So please help me deciding which 1 would do the best in india.But we wish that we could have the ipad... We like it very much...:-D
Eagerly waiting for your reply's. ..

Also any other tablet suggestions like ipad mini and ipad3 is welcome

UPDATE : Thanks for the reply.I would like to have a portable console rather than ps3 or xbox. .
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yep, you can get a console at that budget, but you can maybe get 10-15+ good games on a tablet for the price of one game on PS3/Xbox 360

just give him the device he wants, nexus 10 is not a bad device at all. iOS does have a more active store, with a large variety of apps and games, but seriously, unless you can decide right now what are the iOS exclusive titles you want to invest in, there is not a dearth of options in Play, and many of the titles do make their way to the droid store, if only later. also, humble android bundles.
would normally hesitate to give a droid tab to someone so young, only because the storefront is NSFW, forget child-friendly. check out top free apps or top free games or top new free apps on google play right now to get an idea.

for ipads,

you can not plug in pen drives to ipad

think you need apple tv to connect to tv

gaming for long hours on a tab is fatigue inducing, though you can play multiplayer (as in many people on the same device) and board games on a tablet, which is not as fun on smaller devices.
ask your brother only for a perfect size... iPad or iPad mini


Simply.. Evolution !!
Thank you all for your valuable input.
But my brother needs a portable console so that he can carry it whenever he goes out.
My brother feels a bigger device is what he wants. ..
He feels the nexus7 is small than what he expects. ..
So surely something more than 7inch is what he wants. .. Aptly around 10 inch. .

Oh god .. So we cannot plug pen drives in ipad by any way like the otg cable ?
And needs an apple tv. ...
I'm disapointed. ...

But nexus 10 has otg cables right ?
And it can stream videos via wifi to Bravia right ?
So the nexus10 is the best choice ?


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nexus 10 is not bad, i have it games are smooth
But ipad has a slight edge here as it offers more games


Simply.. Evolution !!

This guy connects a usb to ipad4. .. ?


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