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Intel to launch Core i7 920 D0 revision on March 2nd

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Intel to launch Core i7 920 D0 revision on March 2nd


cosmetic ink swatch, requires BIOS update

On March 2nd, Intel is planning to release a D-0 revision of its highly popular Core i7 920 chip, which is currently using C-0 stepping. Enthusiasts need not worry though, as there is literally no difference in specifications of any kind - the difference is only cosmetic.

Basically, the serial number on the chip package will be removed from the ink swatch to reduce a potential risk of the IHS cosmetically overlapping it. There is no change to the ULT matrix content which continues to contain the serial number. In other words, the difference in package design is quite negligible to the consumer:


The CPUID number on the D0 stepping will change from 106A4 to 1067A5. However, a BIOS update will be required in order for X58 motherboards to accept the CPUID from both C0 and D0 steppings. Additionally, part numbers for the OEM and retail products have been changed, and the sSpec number has been changed from SLBCH to SLBED.

Furthermore, Intel's product change notification was published on January 30th and can be found here.

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On opening this thread I hoped to find something dramatic and good, which can break all overclocking benchmarks and which can reduce power consumption to 125 Watt TDP from 135 Watt TDP, or atleast, something which would make Core i7 920 prices drop down.

And Now I find some cheap label changing done by Intel. :mad:
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