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  1. S

    Can I use SATA HDD's?

    My PC is a old one and it supports only PATA/IDE/ATA Hard disks, Is there any sort of converter or anything like that from which I would be able to use a SATA hard disk which are cheaper and have high capacities? My Current HDD details: ST3802110A ATA Device Manufacturer Seagate Form...
  2. R

    Difference between C2 and C3 revision of phenom2 x4 955

    Can anyone clear my doubt between C2 and C3 revision of phenom2 x4 955.
  3. pritamk

    sandy bridge mobos

    when will sandy bridge mobos revision 3 be available in the market?
  4. pegasus

    "Quickly and Easily Identify ASUS New B3 Revision Motherboards"

    At a quick glance, there are "5" quick and easy ways to identify the new B3 Revision motherboards from ASUS. :doublethumb: (1) Motherboard packaging (New B3 Revison label) (2) Onboard sticker (3) BIOS (4) CPU-Z (5) ASUS SATA Verifier utility Check in detail (with images, links and other...
  5. A

    Intel to launch Core i7 920 D0 revision on March 2nd

    Intel to launch Core i7 920 D0 revision on March 2nd cosmetic ink swatch, requires BIOS update On March 2nd, Intel is planning to release a D-0 revision of its highly popular Core i7 920 chip, which is currently using C-0 stepping. Enthusiasts need not worry though, as there is literally no...
  6. A

    Intel to Launch Q8200 and Q8200s R0 Revision on February 23

    Intel to launch Q8200 and Q8200s R0 revision on February 23 Halide free, new instructions, power states On February 23, Intel is planning to launch an R0 revision of its Core 2 Quad Q8200 chip, which is currently using M1 stepping. Additionally, it plans to launch an energy efficient 65w...
  7. A

    *55nm* EVGA GTX 260 Core 216 Now In Stock at EVGA.com

    EVGA has just released their 55nm GTX 260 212SP stock speed and SuperClocked variants. You can pick one up directly at EVGA.com. Widespread availability is expected to hit tomorrow morning...
  8. L

    Transcend Storejet 2.5" 40GB :-(

    I have a AMD Athlon XP 2000+, ASUS A7N266-VM Board. With BIOS Revision 1005. I've bought a new 40GB Transcend Storejet 2.5" External Drive (TS40GSJ25) I am working in WindowsXP Professional With SP2. The drivers of the USB Controllers and Properly Installed and the Device status is...
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