India overtakes USA as Nokia's second largest market!

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I dont know how to react when i read something like this, i mean its good and all for the business and stuff but then again, Nokia in India sells mobile phones whose prices spread across all the milky way, with such pricing options available and with Telephone Service Providers almost always tying up with Nokia, i defintely saw this coming, to compare the US market to India's market, im sure 40% of their total number of mobiles just account to 1100 sales in India, to look at the market with a broader view, i think in terms of the the quality and quantity, the Indian market's graphs have existence at the extremes, thats all.

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^ I Use Sony Ericsson



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nokia phones r just a craz here .........

they use nice ui ...... user frdly ..........


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That is truth,because NOKIA have very different qualities/features than other mobile companies,it has a very big market all over the world,but in India has a great great market,All the users prefers nokia rather than others,no problems or difficulties happens in the nokia,but now these days some problems of exploding of battery due to overheating is happened,this is due to some inattention during the making of nokia batteries by japan company.


The quality of nokia phones is the best. Have used 3 phones without any need to take them to the service centre.


But nokia phones cant cope up with the amount of memory that is given out by the manufacturer, like most of the Nseries phones (I've kept my pals' N70, N72) are kinda slow. Even 6600 started crawling as soon as one used a 512MB card with it. I think symbian is to be blamed too.

But one of my friends has a walkman phone with 1GB card (I dont remember the model number) and another has Samsung slider phone with 1GB uSD card and both work flawlessly even after an year of usage. And my 6600 slowed down after 6 months with 64MB card in it.


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^^ thats not nokia's fault.. none of the fones i have ever used slowed down... just keep ur fone clean and it ll perform good..


^ What exactly is meant by "keeping the phone clean"? My 6600 never had any virus and most of the time 7-8 MB in memory card and ~5MB RAM was free.
And I am talking about new N70. Music player takes 7-8 seconds to open and play a song whereas in samsung phone (with more number of songs), the songs play within 2-3 seconds flat!!
I dont know which OS is there in samsung but its fast. Even if its symbian in any case then its fast as compared to nokia's version.

And I am not talking whose fault it might be, it might be a slow processor or crappy OS but in any case the phones are slow when compared to their Sony/Samsung counterparts. And if I am not mistaked then the prices of Nokia phones fall more rapidly than other phones.


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wow this is cool ya but u gotta admit nokia phones are slow my 6600,n71,n72,n73 and n95 are really slow


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nopes..nt "thump" w200 was marketed vry well..and it has been the bestseller ovr the past few days in is gaining...just wait fr the w910 to cum and see..
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