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India Mirrors for Downloading linux Distros

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May be some here know this thought sharing it, as number of linux users are growing in the country so the need to have a indian mirrors which are fast & responsive.Mirror should be connected to National Computing Grid

Here are the mirrors[till now only one:(]
  • IIT Madras(Speed: 45 Mbps)(Content: Distros+package achieves)

If you know more please post here i will add into the main post


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^^ man, the topic title is India Mirrors for Downloading linux Distros.

The links you posted provide Linux distros ?


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unfortunately no other mirrors in India :( us mirrors or japan/korean mirrors for distros will serve us for the time being :-|


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we are gprs users. Though this is broadband year my linux distro take one month to downlod via mirror of internation postal service.


sad that we have only one mirror:(
can you people post your experciaces with IIt Madras mirror??


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We have only oen mirror till now in IITM . Actually we guys (members of KLUG - Kharagpur Linux Users Group) at IIT KGP are trying to convince authorities to make our local mirror a global one , but this would involve a lot of financial burden on the insti. It would take some time. Itz good if some financially better instis like IISc. also come fwd. Or soem private companies come fwd to support us.

We locally have mirrors for archlinux, debian (the largest user base ),Fedora ,Gentoo and Ubuntu (now being encouraged)

herez the screenshot of how the mirror looks

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is downloading a real problem for u guys ?...
u should use torrents for downloadin Distro... they work like charm... i recently downloaded Latest Gentoo in just 2 hours.... that too i had 20 torrents running simultaneously... the moment i added Gentoo torrent other torrents automatically became slow and Gentoo download speed shooted upto 220-240kBps constantly.

then why require Indian mirrors, when we can seed... which is an better idea... even bandwidth problem will be solved in this way. :)


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dood, mirrors are different from torrents etc, mirrors offer you constant updates and other services.

Mirrors != Download Locations

plz plz note


yeah p2p distribution a.k.a torrents is more effective than just downloading from a mirror... just see how much we are able to download from torrents... would we have the same freedom if there were no torrents and we had to rely on a server for downloads ???

but the pitfall is that a group of ppl should be continuously seeding so that others can download faster.. the comforting point is that the mirror server can also be one of the seeds...

keep in mind that any mirror has bandwidth and slot limitations.. since not many ppl in India are downloading distros from the mirrors now we may not have any probs but as the no of users increase torrents is the only answer... :D
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