India, it's because of you...


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Creating a log of news potentially directed towards India but not in a good taste. It's like the dumping ground for everything bad is India and a common provenance for all causes. Feel free to contribute.

Cases of malaria among UK travellers rise by 30%
Over the past decade most infections have occurred among people who visited West Africa or South Asia.
In 2010, almost 40% of UK residents who contracted the disease had visited either Nigeria or Ghana, while 11% had been to India.


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I have understood that there are all kind of people in this world.some people choose cheap gimmicks (such as new posted by Faun in original post) to gain attention. India is on its way to compete with developed countries and I think some people in those countries feel threatened. A classic example of one such threatened person is Obama. Right from his election agenda before being chosen as the President of US to the recent comment saying he will provide cheap medical facilities to US residents so that they don't have to go to India, we can feel how scared he is by the development in India

People in Australia and Britain (and some other European countries are racist mostly!). Yeah I know it is a big statement to pass, but I just feel like that.


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Somewhat related to lack of the Sickle-cell trait among Europeans which helps in resistance to Malaria.


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My frnd in office is suffering from malaria....

Btw it takes 2million mosquitos to suck out blood completely from a human body....
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