1. aal-ok

    problem problem

    I had win xp 32x installed in my system running fine but one day BSoD appeared and kept occurring after windows loading screen so i reinstalled my windows but a new problem occurred I Dont know how but My pc got affected by win32 salty virus i tried installing quick heal 2011 antivirus it...
  2. Desmond

    [Breaking news] 3 Minor bomb blasts in Pune few minutes from now.

    Sources : Three minor explosions reported in Pune - The Times of India Three minor blasts hit Pune, one injured - Hindustan Times Four minor blasts in Pune, one injured - India - Maharashtra - ibnlive Correction: 4 bomb blasts., 1 defused.
  3. G

    [Query] Reliable Laptop Repair/Service centre in Bangalore

    guys, Suggest a reliable laptop repair shot in Bangalore. Please shed some light here as I need to repair my HP DV2800 series laptop. Its been 2 years ago I had a display problem. I bought this in the US & the problem occurred just aftre my warranty was over. I approached one service...
  4. Ayush_ANI

    Serious Problem Occurred

    APP CRASH every time & lots More... Hi Friends A Serious Problem Occurred. I have MB ASUS M4A89GTD PRO, AMD phenom II X4 955 BE . When I update my MB BIOS, I faced some problem like PC hang(when i play songs or doing multiple work), Only Vista OS can install not any other OS can install...
  5. Faun

    India, it's because of you...

    Creating a log of news potentially directed towards India but not in a good taste. It's like the dumping ground for everything bad is India and a common provenance for all causes. Feel free to contribute. Cases of malaria among UK travellers rise by 30%
  6. C

    Rapidshare problem

    From some days I am facing a unknown problem abt rapidshare... when ever i try to open www.rapidshare.com .. the page shows "Oops! This link appears broken.DNS error occurred. Server cannot be found." I rapidshare is down or there is something which is blocking this site
  7. P

    A new windows desktop searching software

    sorry!..some problem occurred with this thread!...will post again soon!
  8. rhitwick

    BSOD problem

    Guys, I guess my happy days r over. After staying peacefully for 6 long months with my XP installation, today BSOD visited me twice. I c u can't skip ur destiny. The last thing I did was to install "Super AntiSpyware" yesternight, scanned, removed 2-3 unnecessary bugs. And today it occurred...
  9. Zangetsu

    JavaSCript Debugger

    Hi Guys....:p Is there any tool/app/plugin which can detect JS errors & also show the exact location of the line where dat error has occurred while runing a web page in firefox & IE :D
  10. Plasma_Snake

    Firefox Update error

    AUS: Update XML File Malformed (200) This is the error I get whenever I try to update my Firefox and whenever I try to update the Add-Ons it simply says that an error has occurred while updating. I just re-formatted my system and made a fresh install. Help Out!!!:(
  11. RCuber

    Apple.com Down?

    Looks like www.apple.com is down.. cannot ping , and none of the browsers are able to load it. is it really down? apple.co.in says EDIT: loads only text based menus and few images thats all.. very slow.
  12. A

    Remove the task pane from Desktop

    As you can see in the picture somehow the default task pane found in windows explorer has appeared on the desktop.This happened after I changed the resolution of my computer from 1152x864 to 1024x768.The same has not occurred in other users account.I use XP service pack 2 Please tell me how...
  13. M

    yahoo messenger-instaling PROBLEM

    hi all, well my friend was using an old version of yahoo mail. yesterday he tried to download its latest version tru dialup connection. while instaling, system shows 'unable to install, executional error occurred '. all these was a telecon wt him. well,i might have to go to him by tmro. was...
  14. N

    A Simple Machines Forum Query

    Recently when a new user tries to register on my forum after filling the form and clicking I Agree he reaches a page with following error An Error Has Occurred! You are not allowed to access this section Can somebody tell me what is happening?
  15. S

    Windows update error

    my sys specs are:PIII 966Mhz,Intel 810e mobo with on board graphics,256MB SD RAM,40 GB HDD and am running win XP Pro SP 2. My Windows Update is configured to automatic mode and surprisingly there have been no updates downloaded/installed since November 2004.On seeing the Windows Update log,i...
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