India’s Modi wants to woo Silicon Valley, but censorship and privacy fears grow at home


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Modi’s intent “is to showcase what a big market India is to Silicon Valley for start-ups and to create an environment that will attract technology companies to invest in India,” according to Arvind Gupta, the National Technology Head of Modi’s Bharatiya Janata Party. Modi’s big push is called “Digital India,” an ambitious $18 billion plan to connect Indian cities and villages to the Internet.

Just as Modi readied for his trip, mobile phone and text use was blocked in his home state for more than 24 hours in some places as a security measure during a caste protest. And the government backed off a controversial plan that would have required citizens to save their WhatsApp, Facebook and other messages for three months and turn them over to law enforcement, if asked.

In recent days, more than 100 academics — many with Indian ties and connections to prestigious institutions like Harvard, Stanford and Columbia universities — wrote an open letter to Silicon Valley’s CEOs warning of “uncritical fanfare” over Modi’s visit and urging them not to support Digital India.


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The article seems brutally honest. Something which raises many questions against our prime minister.
But sad to see the foreign media never misses to bring his denial of passport and Gujarat riot issues. They have got to grow over that.

Overall high amount of negativity with the article, but somehow I am still hopeful of Modi's desires.


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TBH, He is a somewhat shady character. The way he works seems to clandestine.

I want a Digital India as much as anyone else. However, I don't like the fact that he has to go to bed with Marko the Zuck to accomplish this. What we need it better infrastructure, competent technical employees in the govt., better coverage and more technical education among other factors.

I think what Modi seeks is publicity and he does not care where he seeks it and for what purpose.


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You are having wrong impression my friend, and I assume why you say that, , Modi visit to world is to attract investors and bring more companies to India, he is also trying to build friendships with countries who can help us in case of war, security etc. India does not have infrastructure to accomplish digital India, foreign companies hvae all resources.

And banning text message in Gujarat for 24 hour is necessity, as


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As it is being used to spread messages and which led to riot hence for security reason it is a good thing to do. We Indiana also need to open our eyes and widen our view. But there are always people who only complain
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