1. Flash

    India’s Modi wants to woo Silicon Valley, but censorship and privacy fears grow at home

    Modi’s intent “is to showcase what a big market India is to Silicon Valley for start-ups and to create an environment that will attract technology companies to invest in India,” according to Arvind Gupta, the National Technology Head of Modi’s Bharatiya Janata Party. Modi’s big push is called...
  2. Hrishi

    future after silicon..

    I read in a blog that Quantum Computing breakthrough has been achieved at MIT(not the Manipal1 :p) and Harvard. Scientists were able to combine various laser beams/sources into one Individual photon They are speculating advancement into creation of Photon gates. IDK , how they are gonna...
  3. D

    Psp 3004

    For Sale ! My PSP 3004 Hacked ( Soft Hack so warranty is valid dont worry ) Black in Pristine Condition in Warranty + without scratch + 8 GB Card + Silicon Cover + Bill + Scratch Guard PSP 3004 Black in Warranty You can Google it About the PSP Product Name, Manufacturers code & URL: Expected...
  4. nvidia

    Carbon, the New King in the Semiconductor Industry??

    Source Silicon is one of the oldest veterans in the IT industry. It has marched a long way but modern requirements tend to ask for more than it can offer. Just like the transistor, silicone is about to retire, or at least this is what Princeton University researchers say. The Princeton...
  5. sandy_bhai

    IPOD 30GB Black up for sale

    have an Ipod 30 GB black one condition: 3months old, Just like new (even the screengaurd is on), no scratchs on the body, accessories: Panasonic Headphones, charger and data cable and IPOD silicon cover Price: 7000/- (Only Delhi buyers) ***ipod sold moderators please close the thread*****
  6. Pathik

    The 500GHz Processor

    Researchers from IBM and Georgia Institute of Technology designed and built a computer processor that broke the world speed record reaching an astonishing 500GHz speed, more than one hundred times faster than the fastest commonly available computer chip. Most processors are made from...
  7. S

    Move over silicon, there's new transistor material in town

    Engineers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology plan to present research on transistor technology next week that they hope will jumpstart a new development phase in tiny electronics beyond the iPod and the cell phone. MIT engineers estimate that silicon transistors, essential to...
  8. JGuru

    Intel debuting long delayed Chip code-named "Montecito"

    Intel Corp is set to introduce on tuesday a long-delayed chip model code-named 'Montecito' , that is the first chip in it's Itanium chip line to have the equivalent of two brains on a single piece of Silicon. The chip contains more than 1.7 billion transistors!!. It's one of the most...
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