1. G

    I'm getting i5 7600 and a SSD from US..

    Apologies. It's not really a hardware related question, more of a shipping related one. My friend works for Intel US and he's bought i5 7600 and a 480 GB Intel SSD for me. I have couple of questions.. Would I have to pay customs duty if he ships those to India? What if he opens the...
  2. Nerevarine

    [ANDROID] [EARLY BETA] Arena Commander

    Arena Commander is a wave survival game, in which you pilot a ship of your choosing and survive multiple waves of increasingly tough and varied enemies.. Earn credits and further upgrade your ship with new weapons and abilities How to Play: - Use the left stick to control your ship's movement...
  3. abhijit_reddevil

    Samsung Galaxy SII now ships preloaded with Android 4.0

    I dont know if this has been posted or not. Samsung GALAXY S II Now Ships Pre-Loaded With Android 4.0 | Existing users, though will have to wait for the update. When will the update come for us mere mortals who use Galaxy Ace S5830? :|
  4. P

    Where to buy rigs.(Lucknow)

    I live in lucknow although there's a computer market Naza in lucknow but they don't sell the parts that i want.They actually don't no about them. So i just want to know is there any online shop which ships these rigs in lucknow.A Cash on delivery would be a good option for since i don't have a CC.
  5. W

    Who ships to India?

    Hi there, Can you guys suggest any reliable International online webstores ( for computer peripherals ) that ships to India? I have been searching.. maybe I'm really bad at searching cause I cant find one. I figured many here would have purchased stuff online that wasnt available here in...
  6. mukherjee

    Best Online store that ships to india

    Well guys....after a long break.:( I m really confused, maybe I m even posting in the wrong forum...sorry for that. But can anyone tell me which is the best online store that ships to India at reasonable rates?
  7. rachitboom2

    Online shoping site needed !!! Pls. Help !!!

    Hi everybody !!! Can anybody Pls. tell me any good site I can buy all the computer stuff like CPU's, motherboards, Gfx cards, etc ??? And of course it should also ship in India also !!! I have seen a few but could not find any site which ships in india !!! Pls. help me !!! :wink:
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