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  1. @

    Google Search Trends of Indian Politics

    site: Google Search Trends of Indian Politics source code: https://github.com/avinassh/polistats What it is and How it works: These two following graphs show the number of search results appeared on Google for certain keywords. If you search for 'Narendra Modi ' today you will see...
  2. gdebojyoti

    How to build a fly bot?

    Hello everyone. I want to build a flying robot for my final year project next year. I have experience with building basic robots (line followers, candle blowers, dtmf, etc). From what I understand, the concept is very simple. 4 rotors at 4 sides. Perfectly balanced to keep the whole...
  3. P

    Phenom 2 -Upgrade Completed

    Hi All, I am one of those greedy guys who never got satisfied with the performance that i was able to get out of my PC. I moved from a AMD 4400+ to a AMD 7750 BE and then now to a AMD Phenom 2- X4 920. I cant be more satisfied than i am now. The PC rocks in every angle looked at. So...
  4. raksrules

    Who Is Prerana ???

    I am getting mails daily from someone named Prerana whose email id is from thinkdigit. Is it a SPAM BOT ???
  5. M

    Enjoy Chat and Translation with Google Bot

    Enjoy Chat and Translation with Google Bot ;) The immediate image above shows the chat between Me and Google Chat Bot. Here the Google Bot I am chatting with, has got the User Name as: en2hi - Chat bot for translating from English to Hindi. Now for carrying out successful translation into...
  6. MetalheadGautham

    Die, NewsBytes, Die

    Petition to Think Digit Forum Management Staff: Please get rid of NewsBytes. This is a public intrest petition which I request all the concerned forum members to sign(vote). Place your views on NewsBytes here and discuss about its future. Dear Team Digit, One of the recent changes in the...
  7. Dark Star

    Mandriva Boot problem..

    Hi Till I get my hands on Mandriva Spring and Hardy.. I want a temporary OS . So I use madriva 08 free edition. the problem is. When I boot normally I had black/grey sccreen after the Boot Splash finishes.. It never went to the Log-In GDM/KDM Screen. To reach there i had to bot into Safe Mode...
  8. Dark Star

    Tutorial : Create Simple/Funky Wallpaper with Gimp.

    Check this http://www.techenclave.com/guides-and-tutorials/tutorial-create-simple-funky-wallpaper-gimp-108968.html Bot posting the tutorial as I am stuck by forum limits |::::
  9. quadroplex780

    Crysis(Maximum game minimum performance)demo.

    Here are the pics- Edit-The game demo has been tested in DirectX 10 mode Alien bot Going to test on Vista x64
  10. eggman

    I guess bots wanna attack the forum

    Are they bot or some pissed off user having 10 ids........
  11. rohan

    phpBB forums vulnerable to attack

    Recently a bot using the name FuntKlakow, has been registering to at least hundreds (maybe thousands) of phpBB forums. It is susspected that the bot will take advantage of an exploit in phpBB froums, that might not be known yet. In other words the next time phpBB announces a critical...
  12. G

    Will this power supply be sufficient?

    Hello friends, I recently assembled a rig for the config. AMD 3500+ MSI K8NGM2-FID Transcend 1 GB 400 DDR RAM 160 GB Barracuda SATA II SONY DRU 820A DVD+-RW XFX 7900GT 256MB DDR3 I had also bot a Powersafe 400W fo Rs.1560 from B'lore. Will this power be sufficient for the above...
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