1. C

    firefox error "the name server refuses to perform the specified operation"

    Hi guys, I don't know whats wrong with my browser it is throwing up some error on most of the sites that I visit does not have a HTTP:// at the beginning of the address only some sites like FB and other manage to get the HTTP and some I get the following error screenshot this happens in...
  2. Desmond

    Java 9 Features Announced

    This one looks like a really massive update. Finally a standard built-in JSON API and HTTP client. No more do you have to rely on clunky third party APIs for these. Though it remains to be seen how these will perform. Source: 403 Forbidden More details: JEP 198: Light-Weight JSON API JEP...
  3. hansraj

    Win 7 disables access to http websites but https still open!!

    Need urgent help in this regard. Posting this from my desktop. I updated the windows update yesterday and then with next logon I am getting access to all the http sites for about a minute or two and then its getting blocked. The browsers were IE and Chrome. Even downloaded the opera and...
  4. balakrish

    SSH Proxy and http proxy?

    Hi friend! Actually I have two pc-s. One is here and another one is "some where" else. I got very fast internet connection on that 2nd pc. 1st PC runs ubuntu 12.04LTS and second one also runs ubuntu 12.04LTS. I always use ssh tunneled proxy to ensure my internet...
  5. xarzu

    Connecting to the Internet via a Router

    The Ubuntu system I just installed does not automatically connect to the Internet. This, I think is because I go through a router. Do I have to set up the network proxy preferences by hand? Is the HTTP proxy the same thing as the http address of the router?
  6. R

    you tube download

    I'm using You tube downloader. sorry dont know the version. Whenever I try and download a music video ,I now get a window that says: " Download error HTTP response: 404 (not found)" Can any one please help me resolve this problem? thanks everyone
  7. naveen_reloaded

    HTTP Download Sites

    Hi guys... 3 days back i got my Boradband 1350 UL dataone.. i found that the speed reach 60-63 KBPS on DAP .. ( it took 13.3 MB file a mere 3.30 minutes... ) but on the other hand.. torrents speed is really bad.. i get around 50KBPS only... i have tried all the tricks.. OPEN DNS HALF...
  8. H

    Setup a home mailserver

    Guys, i need some tutorials for setting up a working SMTP/POP mail server (IMAP not necessary). i have the following programs to start with : Apache server (http) Mercury mail server (bundled with apache) The server should be able to both send and revieve mail
  9. P

    stream videos to nokia 5800XM---any ideas???

    i own a Nokia 5800XM and E51... i want to stream videos to my 5800 but i am not getting how to do it....i am able to steam on to E51 thru coreplayer....but that does not work with 5800....(coreplayer not supported) i have tried VLC streaming thru http and rtp but these both protocols r not...
  10. S

    HTTP Server

    i want to host my site and files on my system.i have apache 2.2.10 http server.but i dont know how to use it.can anyone help me.?? plz.
  11. S

    What is rpc over http??

    What is rpc over http??:cool:
  12. ToxicSerpentz

    Problems with Flashget

    Windows XP Pro SP2 I use Flashget for downloading Bittorrent files. Use a Reliance Netconnect wireless internet connection. Before i formatted my pc, i used to get excellent speeds on both bittorrent and http downloads. Now i don't get connected to any tracker and speeds are drastically...
  13. Batistabomb

    How to block a port ?

    Any one here , can you tell me how to block a particular port for example if i want to block a tcp port or http port or any third party firewalls, ports any methodology for this
  14. 786

    For Dataone BB users who have problems in BSNL Portal

    Many have problems in opening or cheaking their usage in IE. Please, go to option of IE7. In the advance box first restore the settings to default and then cheak wheather these settings are ticked or not *Accessibility reset text size to medium while zooming reset zoomlevel to 100% for...
  15. desertwind

    SSH via HTTP Proxy

    I need to access ssh via an http proxy. We use an automatic proxy configuration url (pac file) for browsers. Any idea how to use it for ssh?
  16. Arsenal_Gunners

    Bitcomet 0.84 out

    Download it here dudes Version 0.84 fixes some serious bugs in HTTP and BitTorrent download in 0.83.
  17. B

    Apache server not starting

    Please help me i don't know about the php, mysql and apache but when i search in google and try to start manual it is giving error. I already installed the Apache http server, Mysql4.1 and php4. Please there is any tutorial guide who solved my problem. I am a begineers of all this...
  18. U

    crash that opera

    http:/ in the address bar, n see opera crawlin
  19. nik_for_you

    ftp site for pc-suite???

    hi i need to download pcsuite 6.81 . but downloading is banned via http. can anyone provide me ftp site for download that??
  20. D

    FTP server Downloading problem

    Hi, I recently purchased AIRTEL MOBILE OFFICE connection for my windows xp PC, here everything is fine. I can download any software from http server but can't from FTP SERVER. Which software is required for it? please also tell how can i get more downloading speed from ftp server. thank u.
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