1. vijju6091

    Help needed phoen Locked..

    hi all, One friend attemted to many wrong attemps of pattern lock on sony xperia Tipo. Now Phone is locked And he forgot the security Question . What to do now. I told him to wait for few hours. is there any way to hard Reset Sony xperia tipo Please guide urgently. he can not...
  2. G

    Nokia lumia 510 or HTC Explorer or Xperia Tipo

    Hey guys ... Managed to find htc explorer for 6.3k , lumia 510 for 6.6k. tipo for 6.5k.. all @ snapdeal So which one to get? All of these fit in my budget... And im okay with WP 7.8 OS, As long it has all nessasary apps ( I dont play games) And presonally I think lumia 510 is better...
  3. M

    Need a Mobile below 10k

    1. Budget?-Below 10k 2. Display type and size?-3.2-3.5 would be enough 3. Form Factor? bar, slider, flip?Bar 4. Preferred choice of brand?Sony,Htc 5. Preferred input method (QWERTY, touchscreen, numpad, touch-n-type).Touchscreen 6. What camera option you want? Please specify need for flash...
  4. IronCruz

    Sony Tipo ST21i went weird

    Hello Guys. Today i wanted to install Walkman Player for my tipo. My friend sent me some APKs via Bluetooth. I installed CWM to my Tipo and installed those APKs using CWM. But when i rebooted the device, the ICS was changed. I tried to Factory reset but it didnt work. I had done backup using...
  5. kunalht

    Htc explorer or xperia tipo??

    I want to buy a new phone under 9.5-10k. Which wold be better xperia tipo Or Htc explorer? I heard that xperia tipo has touch problem? Is it true? & HTC explorer has less internel memory... I want phone for playing games & chating.... HTC explorer can run games like modern combat 3, Nova 3...
  6. Cool Buddy

    Android phone for ~12k

    A friend wants to buy a phone for around 12k. I suggested Sony Xperia Tipo Dual.. Is there any other option which might be better. I heard about HTC Desire C, but only 600 Mhz processor, I don't see any real advantage over Tipo although price difference is >3.5k Xperia U loses out coz of the...
  7. M

    Confused between Sony tipo or Xperia mini

    Hi, guys want to buy a phone within 10k.Though I have shortlisted Tipo and Mini I am open to other suggestions too.
  8. B

    Tipo or Tipo dual

    Guys . . I am looking to buy a smart android mobile in the range strictly<12000 . I decided to buy Sony Xperia Tipo . But now the confusion is whether to buy Tipo or Tipo Dual . Dual sim mobile is very useful for me . But what I heard is normally dual sim mobiles's performance will be low...
  9. varunparakh

    Xperia Tipo Photo Samples

    Hey guys, These samples are nothing substantial, the camera produces sub par images, add a noob photographer to it, and these are the results you get, will post other things wrt Tipo, as we move on! Lemme know what else is needed! SAME IMAGE WITH DIFFERENT FILTERS : 1.BEACH 2. NIGHT 3...
  10. varunparakh

    Xperia Tipo Accessories !!

    Hey, Got a Xperia Tipo on the weekend, looking to get a nice case for it, sturdy & cool, nothing found on the capdase website, any ideas or alternatives ? I understand being a new product the availability isnt all that great for now regarding the cases & stuff. But if there are any resources to...
  11. sayan8

    Should i buy Xperia tipo??

    I have a Galaxy Y.........Now am planing to buy another phone . I have targeted 2 phone Xperia Tipo and MMX ninja 4 ............ Please tell wich one should i buy??
  12. D

    Sony Xperia Tipo /Sony Xperia Tipo Dual ( New Mobile review/Discussion in one Place )

    Recently We all see once or twice of the tech specs of Newly Launched Sony Xperia tipo Lets have a discussion and review in this thread. Sony Xperia Tipo ST21iSony Xperia Tipo Features Sony Xperia Tipo price is meant to target first time smartphone customers who wish to get best value for...
  13. randomuser111

    Sony announced Xperia Miro, Tipo, Tipo Dual

    Sony announced three new Xperia smartphones - all running on the latest Android 4.0 OS. The first handset is the Xperia Miro with a 3.5" HVGA screen, 5 megapixel camera, DLNA and Facebook functionalities inside. Miro comes in 4 exciting colors and unique illumination. Product video Xperia...
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