how to use n95 as webcam with usb cable ?

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how can i use n95 as webcam with usb cable ? i don't have any bluetooth stuff. guide me or give me link of full step by step tutorial


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Use Mobiola webcam software. No tutorial needed. Just install it, and it will guide you through the rest of the stuff.


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The range of connectivity includes GPRS, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, with the option to choose which to use when connecting so you can take advantage of local wireless hotspots. Pleasingly, Nokia's connectivity with the N95 is far more generic, with a mini-USB port for connecting to your PC and a standard 3.5mm jack plug so you can use your own headphones rather than those supplied.
Multimedia playback includes an audio player with support for MP3, AAC and WMA, a stereo FM radio and MP4 video player. These are all fairly nice to use and you're given just enough options, including an equaliser and visualisations, to suggest that Nokia is taking this sort of thing seriously. There are also stereo speakers either side of the unit that are pretty impressive for something this size, and a video and audio composite cable that'll allow you to plug the phone directly into a TV or stereo to show off pictures, video or music.

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