1. vedula.k95

    Hey folks,need an Android APP which can turn my phone into a Webcam and phone Mic as a reciever.

    So the question says it all,I wan't to turn my phone into a WebCam and my phone reciever as Mic for Skype utility. Is it possible? OS:Windows 7.
  2. shreeux

    Need Best Future Proof Webcam ?

    Hi I like to buy Webcam for future HD Video chatting & Recording,Autofocus,Good light adjuster and MIC. budget is 3k-4k.
  3. H

    Babaji doing exorcism through webcam lol

    NXaiBqD7yLU This channel is full of videos like this. In this video, the woman is possessed by a hijra. WTF!
  4. A

    Need a WebCam for <1000

    Please suggest a good webcam with in built microphone for less than 1000. Suggest only branded ones please..
  5. A

    The Logitech webcam software completely hangs/freezes my system.

    I bought the C270 webcam from flipkart. I installed the Logitech webcam software . But it completely hangs/freezes my system (windows 7 x64). Please help.
  6. Shah

    Need suggestions for a USB WiFi Adaptor

    As the title suggests, I need a USB WiFi Adaptor for my desktop running Windows 8 x64. I can spend around 500 for the adaptor. The router won't be far away; It's in the adjacent room. I am looking to buy it online.(Flipkart doesn't ship to my place. So, prefer SnapDeal). I also need...
  7. Zangetsu

    Need a Webcam

    Hi Guys, suggest some good budget webcams with 1k to 1.5k 8-)
  8. V

    Need a webcam

    Need a webcam with excellent capture quality. Also need to know if it supports self-recording (capture video like a camera for preparing presentation and later upload to youtube). Which brand/model will suit this purpose? I see many sub-1k Logitech (good brand that?) models but also Logitech...
  9. maverick786us

    HP is cheating with me what to do :(

    On July 29, 2013, I purchased HP Envy 15 TouchSmart from flipkart. I received my order on 8th August. Just a day after usage, the webcam stopped working. I called HP and they send a technician to replace the webcam. Now I don't know, how the HP Engineer mishandled the screen. After replacement...
  10. cutemug

    Need a good quality webcam for a budget under 1k

    Hi, Need a GOOD webcam(primarily for skype) around 800/- Can stretch my budget till 1k, Is there a decent webcam available in this range? Because all I can browse on FK, are lesser known brands like intex,enter,genius etc Is logitech C170 good? its priced around 849/- on FK
  11. R

    where is webcam in dell 5521

    how do i open the webcam in dell 5521 laptop ? any drivers to download ?
  12. D

    Laptop under 25k

    1) What is your budget? (INR or USD) INR 25K 2) What size & weight consideration (if any) would you prefer? Thin and Light; 12" - 14" screen or Mainstream; 15" - 16" screen (My preference is not less than 14") 3) Are there any brands that you prefer or any you really don't like? a. Like: HP...
  13. K

    Windows 7- webcam not working properly on windows live messenger

    Hi, I've just bought a Samsung r580 and the built-in webcam is working fine on skype and everything else except for msn messenger. When I connect on video chat with someone, I can see myself but they can't see me and I can not see them, checked my firewall settings- using Mcafee and windows live...
  14. S

    Help needed in installing webcam

    Hi, I have a quite old webcam BLACKEYE DELUXE 2MP SVB-0200 and I have lost its driver CD. Now I am not able to install it. In fact, It got installed with the driver "CMOS_Camera_Chicony_CNF7129_XP_090326" but it is not getting detected in googletalk as well as in skype. Device manager is also...
  15. S

    Logitech C210 webcam

    Hi TDF Members, I want to buy a web cam which adjust the light condition , for the real time video capturing. As i want to give the demo on working of Face Recognition application, based on Viola-Jones alogrithm. My laptop's webcam, sometimes doesn't detect the face due to the...
  16. A

    Dell Webcam Central 2.01.17

    hii can some one here upload the Dell Webcam Central 2.01.17 or newer from their RESOURCE MEDIA ? its urgent, someone who have purchased dell inspiron resently can do that. please !
  17. newway01

    Is there a way to turn off annoying lights on webcam?

    Hi, I am using an intex webcam (model IT-105WC). Every time it is connected the 6 white led's light up. The light stays so whether the webcam is used or not as long as it is connected to PC. This light is really annoying and blinding my eyes while I'm working on PC. Is there somehow I can turn...
  18. gagan_kumar

    help needed for selecting a good webcam for video conferencing

    As the title suggest please help me select a good video conferencing webcam for skype.... EDIT: bought c270 mods please close the thread
  19. apurvgupta1

    Is it possible to repair/replace webcam cable?

    Hey guys, i have the HCL twinklecam DC2110 webcam. I plugged it in to my pc today after a long time, and there was an error pop- "USB device not recognized". I tried various workarounds with installing drivers and uninstalling m even tried on different pc's and connecting to rear USB ports. From...
  20. D

    Webcam suddenly stops recording

    Hi there, I've got a built-in webcam in my laptop (emachines G725). It seems to work normally during video calls etc. as well as when taking photos, but keeps turning off suddenly during recording. Actually the webcam stays on, but it stops recording... it also saves the recording it's made...
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