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How to make Titlebar transparent in XP ?

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How can we make the titlebar transparent in XP ?

Is there an applicaton to do that ? or atleast a way to do it manually via TGTSoft's StyleBuilder or any other theme maker/editor ?

Plz tell the application that helps do this or a way to do it manually..

Vishal Gupta

Microsoft MVP
But Glass2k doesnt make titlebar transparent only!

It makes the whole window transparent...

I think there is no s/w, which makes only the title bar ( or including Menu bar & toolbar, but not the whole windo ) transparent like VISTA :D


Can someone post a pic of a transparent window, please? Would like to see how it looks. :D Thanks


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Yeah even i too want that pic!!!....anyways thanks for posting this useful thread Q.M..hmm!!




the only good possible way to do it is to use Windowsblind 5, which natively per-pixel alpha blending, have a loot my desktop screenshot using WindowsBlind 5 & Arrow skin by Mike bryant, is this what U R talking about



Well, i installed autopatcher n then whenever i right click on Taskbar, i get a "Transparency" option.
I think it is due to Powertoys for Windows XP(which is installed by autopatcher).

It is very easy this way becoz u can set the transparency % just by right clicking.


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Use windowblinds dude... its per pixel alpha blending can be used for doing so... DVM sorry dude i dont know what it is... but will try to find out and get back to you.....

Also i will like to say that using WB 5 may slow down your system because it uses too much memory... only go for it if you have 512 mb RAM or more... apart from that stardock claims that windowblinds have been optimised for running much faster than previous versions...

Vishal Gupta

Microsoft MVP
vijay_7287 said:
when i tried to install this software

it throws an error called

DVM is not there( something on those lines))

wats DVM ???
Its not DVM, its DWM ::=> Desktop Windows Manager

Its available in Windows Vista. Thats why Style Vista was giving error that DWM is not running!

Actually STyle Vista is not for Windows XP, its for Windows Vista itself!
Read what Stardock hv announced about this application:

Stardock's StyleVista is a new program designed for Windows Vista. StyleVista is a simple program that lets users customize "Aero", the new Windows Vista environment. Users will be able to set the color and opacity of the foreground and background windows. Future builds will include even more features.


But qwerty yaar, If you see the screenshot clearly on microsoft, they have thin transparent borders.
q3_abhi yaar read full post before posting he wants only titlebar tranparent. Not even borders.
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