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  1. S

    How to make the titlebar fully transparent in vista?

    I once while surfing in net had foung a freeware named vista glass(something like that) which would make titlebar transparent while maximizing. Now, i accdidentally lost the software & am not able to find it in net. Can anyone plz help? I forgot the site.
  2. Vishal Gupta

    AeroBar: Show Titlebar Text in Explorer Windows Under Windows Vista

    Have you ever wondered why Explorer Windows don’t show titles in Windows Vista? In earlier versions of Windows, we could see titlebar text in explorer windows but it has been removed in Vista. No one knows the reason and many ppl want to enable it in Vista. It was removed most probably bcoz it...
  3. QwertyManiac

    How to make Titlebar transparent in XP ?

    How can we make the titlebar transparent in XP ? Is there an applicaton to do that ? or atleast a way to do it manually via TGTSoft's StyleBuilder or any other theme maker/editor ? Plz tell the application that helps do this or a way to do it manually..
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