1. A

    Best Birthday Reminder App

    Hi guys Can anyone suggest a good birthday reminder app. I don't use facebook and I want to manually add my friends birthday. Paid/Free any will do.
  2. nvrmndryo

    Suggest Good Internal Dvd writer for Pc .

    My 2009 Samsung Dvd Writer stopped working around 1 year ago , it was working fine but problem was I had to close tray manually but recently the tray was opening but not closing not even manually . Now I am looking for New DVD RW , which should be running for next 4-5 years .i Don't use DVD RW...
  3. D

    Monochrome to Colored

    Hello all, I have a very old photograph(of my grandfather) that is in black and white, I want to make it coloured I have scanned it to my system. So, I want to ask are there any softwares that can assist me with this task(automate it) or do I have to use photoshop and do it manually . Thanks.
  4. K

    How to update avira manually?

    Hi Is it possible to update avira manually in my pc downloading the files in laptop?
  5. R

    8 GB Dual channel Ram not working

    Today i add 4 GB corsair value ram in my PC to run ram as dual channel but its not running as dual channel and in windows task manager it shows only 3.5 GB whereas in my computer properties it shows 8 GB but only 3.5GB usable. may i have to manually set timings of Ram?? OK i have installed RAM...
  6. S

    3G problem on Defy

    Hi,I have been using my Defy for last 8 months smoothly.But this time it does not show or connect 3g connection.selecting manually it shows "no connection".It works only in automatic mode or 2g mode and gives 2g service.please help me.
  7. Empirial

    iTunes Alternative for Ubuntu 11.10

    Hi, I need an App/Software for managing MP3 files in Ubuntu 11.10 64x. I need something that allows user to manually edit tags like Artist, Genere, Album Artist, Composer & also manually add/delete Album Art just like iTunes. Please Reply!
  8. piedpiper

    50k BABY here finally!!!

    Well its here, most of them. Graphic card and the monitor is on its way. HERE!! Hope the cable management is okay. Please suggest if it needs more twists and ties. My oldie monitor Now like most of new computers its has some b*tch, Its as follows 1.Bios Temperature...
  9. A

    aptdaemon crashes in Ubuntu 11.04 "An unhandlable error occured"

    I started receiving an error from ubuntu after I updated my system. Now I am not able to install any deb file. It shows some complicated error and asks me to correct it manually but I don't know how to deal with the error. It says An unhandlable error occured There seems to be a programming...
  10. M

    Error Code Win XP :1706

    I get message that"Please wait while windows got scanner copy" since last 2-3 month after virus cleaning. i have to cancel it manually each time when i restart my PC.. how to fix it..? I have enclosed its Snapshot attachment.. Pls. help..
  11. M

    Removing Pen drive usage details

    how can i remove pen drive usage details stored in the registry manually?
  12. S

    Windows XP Hangs on Restart/Reboot

    Hi, I have a Intel 7300 Core 2 Duo 2.66GHZ with a Gigabyte Mobo and 2 gb ram, With a modded version of XP, called DarkLite installed. I have been experiencing a few problems recently, I don't think that all of them are inter-linked but I'll mention them anyway, AVG couldn't update, and...
  13. vamsi_krishna

    VERY URGENT : manually fromated vista on xp

    hello, my name is vamsi. I use to run microsoft windows vista home basic on my pc along with my windows xp sp3, now the problem is i have manually formatted the windows vista drive in windows xp accedentally. i haven't shutted down the pc. when i shutdown will i get any boot...
  14. T

    Login trouble in OpenSuse 10.3

    OpenSuse 10.3 doesn't start KDE automatically on starting computer. I have to login in command mode and then start it manually. Also the buttons for Shutdown and suspend are mssing in power options.
  15. blackpearl

    Need help in creating table in Mysql

    I'm trying a template making engine called Template blocks, where the setup should create some tables in the database. But for some reason the tables are not created. I contacted support and they said i could manually create those tables. Now i know nothing about Mysql. Can somebody tell me the...
  16. M


    is there a software which can automatically integrate lyrics of all songs in my music library from internet- i dont want to do it manually
  17. Dark Star

    iPOD : QUestions and problem.

    I just brought an ipod shuffle it get detected and get auto mounted as 1 must expect from a Media Device.. But when I open Amarok it didn't detect the ipod.. I added it manually but all in vain.. What should I do ?
  18. hahahari

    Transcribe mp3 to text

    Guys I have some mp3 files that need to be transcribed. Is there anything way I can go abt this without having to do these manually?? Regards:confused:
  19. skippednote

    Wierd Problem

    Whenever i turn off or restart my pc the computer doesn't turn off completely but instead it show a black with a cursor on it and remains as it is untill i manually turn it off . Please help! thanx in advance...
  20. Zangetsu

    Virus Remove!!!!

    My pc is infected with a virus :( it has created tons of pos files in my documents & C:\ (pos01.tmp,pos100.tmp.....posFFF.tmp) cant delete those manually..... & a msg box pops up which says to remove crirtical errors clic "ok" & ie opens up with a url : also it...
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