1. Desmond

    TDF Unofficial Teamspeak server

    I have created a Teamspeak server for TDF members to communicate. This server is located in Bangalore, therefore would offer lesser latency in communication over using voice chat than game servers that might be in other remote locations. This thread is dedicated to enhancing the server...
  2. crownabhisek

    Good Quality Headset Microphone under Rs 1500 (max. limit)

    Please suggest me a headset with microphone which has good quality headphone for music and gaming and good quality microphone for podcast or voice recording around Rs 1000 /-
  3. rajesh00

    Suggest Good Headset with mic < 2k

    Hello, Primary usage is Voice chat in game,skype.... Should be comfortable.. :)
  4. Allu Azad

    Now you can chat even if there is no Internet connection or mobile phone connection

    * FireChat introduces a new way to chat: "off-the-grid". Now you can chat with people around you – even if there is no Internet connection or mobile phone coverage.

Whether you’re on the beach or in the subway, at a big game...
  5. arnabbiswasalsodeep

    Chit Chat? With DC++

    I have shifted my home and need a new internet connection I have just moved 200m away from the original home and my old ISP won't extend internet cable just for me I live in Parel and my old ISP was preeti net aka d-net or Denis net(old name) In my area, Chit Chat is very famous and the deals...
  6. savvy

    General Purpose Laptop within 30K

    Hello guys, i need advice for a laptop for my friend's home (Desktop is not an option). Here are the details: 1) What is your budget? Around 30k 2) What size & weight consideration (if any) would you prefer? Mainstream; 15" - 16" screen 3) What are the primary tasks will you be...
  7. gdebojyoti

    Chatting with FB & Google friends from custom website using OAuth - possible?

    I just signed up for a account. I connected my Google and Facebook accounts to it, and found that I can chat with my online Facebook and Google friends right from the Outlook chat window. So I was wondering whether I can chat with my Facebook and Google friends from my own custom...
  8. U

    Internet from datacard doesn't work when LAN is enabled

    I am unsure if this is a hardware problem or software. I am assuming it's a software based problem and so I am posting it here. I have a Huawei E303C datacard with a Docomo3G connection. When I insert the datacard to the system and connect successfully, internet works fine and I can browse...
  9. K

    Windows 7- webcam not working properly on windows live messenger

    Hi, I've just bought a Samsung r580 and the built-in webcam is working fine on skype and everything else except for msn messenger. When I connect on video chat with someone, I can see myself but they can't see me and I can not see them, checked my firewall settings- using Mcafee and windows live...
  10. S

    Mobile fb chat

    I have sony ericsson cedar mobile. How can i do facebook chat on this phone?????pls help and reply.......
  11. R

    Buying New QWERTY phone around 4k

    Confused between Samsung Chat C322 or Samsung Chat 222 Plus(since cheaper & camera not needed) Nokia X2-01 or Nokia Asha 200 & Sony Ericsson Txt (most expensive but looks cool) the phone is mainly for my dad he will use call & type only so thinking is it wise to get a low end model or...
  12. L

    Headset ~ 1500

    Hello guys I am looking forward to buy a good headset with mic around Rs 1500. I will be mainly using it for gaming chat, Internet calls and voice recognition. Could anyone recommend me any good headset within that range? The models I have considered are: Sennheiser PC3 Chat : Looks basic but...
  13. Z


    Hi, im having DELL Inspiron problem is i cannot make video / voice chat without having i go without headset
  14. cacklebolt

    Exchange and new phone

    hello... my dad currently owns a samsung galaxy pop cdma... he wants to experience 3g on cdma but unfortunately those services are pathetic here... so he has planned to sell it off by diwali and get a new droid... Possible Targets: Sony Xperia Tipo Karbonn A9 Samsung Galaxy Chat LG...
  15. soumo27

    Gaming Headset 1 - 1.5K

    Need a good Headset, primarily for Gaming as well as for watching Movies. One with a good Bass is recommended. Cheaper the better :P Budget is a maximum of 1.5K I was looking at the Sennhesier Chat 3 Headset Sennheiser PC 3 CHAT Headset | Headset | And the Ozone Attack...
  16. A

    webcam under Rs 500

    Hi everyone, I want to buy a webcam..My Max. budget is Rs.500.. My internet speed is 512kbps..I think its sufficient for video chat.. Please suggest me some good webcams.. Thanks in advance..:lol:
  17. cacklebolt

    Nokia Asha 302 or samsung chat 527???

    plz. can anyone suggest whether i shud go for samsung chat 527 or nokia asha 302??? my requirements are a good keypad,good sound quality,nice camera... can u also suggest any other similar for having wifi and 3g???
  18. kool

    Facebook is not showing online members in group chat.. !! why ??

    Earlier facebook was showing online members at the top in group chat list but from last few days the list is not visible. Chat option is still available but the list is not there. What might be the problem? Is this bug from Facebook or any extra changes required in the group settings? :shock::shock:
  19. S

    need a lan chat

    plz suggest a lan chat s/w. the web site from where i can download securely. i need a free virous free lan chan s/w.
  20. M

    chat window in opera mini 6.5/nokia x2 01

    I am experiencing a strange problem regarding chat window in my opera mini mobile browser in nokia x2 01. recently,chat window is not appearing while browsing some site like used to get the chat window for the site till few days back,the site owner had not made any changes too)...
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