how to install linux??

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i want the procedure to install linux from ISOs stored on my harddisk running the windows OS. i have made partitions for the linux OS as well as the swap space..........using partition it possible thru emulation.if yes.......please give any relevant link or the detailed procedure.thanx!!!!


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u should have the isos in a fat32 partition.

then burn the iso from the images folder from the iso of the 1st CD/DVD

boot with "linux askmethod"

and select hard disk for installation.

give the path and partition



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where did you get the isos from? They must be on a CD or DVD. Get that to someone who has a writer and then burn the iso on a CD.

I don't know weather you can do this using alcohol. I think you cannot.


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I remember, in Mandrake, I extracted the first ISO using WinRAR and in the boot folder in it, I found a manual to make a boot floppy and boot to install via HDD. Check if you see it.
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