1. balakrish

    How to connect two computers using single port in Modem?

    Hi friend! I'm currently using iBall baton which is ADSL2+Router. It has ONLY one lan port but i have a pc and a laptop. Now i want to share my internet using this modem. but i don't know anyother way than using a router. is there anyway to connect using that modem without adding...
  2. theserpent

    SoundMAGIC ES 18 Earphone-find me one?

    Hey guys i am looking for an IEM For my Ipod touch. Techfreak suggested me "SoundMAGIC ES 18 Earphone" But its out of stock in most of the sites. So any of you'll find me this? PREF PAYMENT COD Or anyother budget- <450
  3. dhanusaud

    Screenshot for S60V3

    Does anybody know screehshot software for S60V3? I am currently using Screenshot V 3.01, lemme know if there is anyother software that has capabilities to take screenshot with higher resolution.
  4. dhanusaud

    Few question. . . .regarding s60v3

    Guys, Here are the questions. 1) IS THERE ANY EMULATOR FOR S60V3 THEMES ? 2) WHERE CAN I SHARE MINE S60V3 THEMES? 3) CAN I SET WINDOWS LIVE MAILBOX IN AUTOMATIC RETRIEVAL MODE? 4) WHERE CAN I FIND WALLS FOR S60V3 THEMES? Regarding question3 I know two sites zedge & ipmart-forum...
  5. aditya_v

    Phone manager for ubuntu

    Hi, i own a W700i. Been using MyPhoneExplorer for windows for years, but cant find any alternative to it in ubuntu. I installed wammu but it fails to send/recieve sms or read contact data or anyother stuff. Currently, I am using MyPhoneExplorer under wine but its highly restricted in its...
  6. Dark Star

    Mobile Not getting detected ?

    I have SE W580i .. It used to work flawlessly with Ubuntu but now it is not getting detected :( Whats the problem ? Data Cable ? or anyother way to fix it :( Regards
  7. naveen_reloaded

    Hosting issue

    hi guys had my forum hosted for sometime in 110mb but now they have made MSQL for paid members only ... i cant affordx it .. is there anyother freehosting which is as good as this ??
  8. M

    Which Mobile Fone???????

    Which Mobile Is Gud From These..... Nokia 1112 Nokia 2310 Nokia 6030 Samsung c130 and if anyother plz tell me. Thanx.:D
  9. Ankit Agrawal

    Problem regarding restart

    I have got P4 intel with 512 RAM kingston. On installation of new hardware like in USB or anyother take a new 3D game my computer get restart in between What should I do
  10. vikramkh

    which is the best browser right now

    i have been using ie6 for quite a long time now and was wonderin is there anyother browser which is better than ie6 or is this the best. and hows mozilla
  11. Charley

    Spybot 1.4 problem during updating.

    uninstalled Spybot 1.4 last evening and reinstalled it back and when updating takes a lot of time to do so. Even after 1 hr it doesnt update. Is there a Zip file or anyother where I can update Spybot rather than downloading thru the software itself? :?:
  12. doom_marine

    ipod mini

    i was interested in buying an ipod mini player could anyone tell me if it is good or bad and are there anyother player in the same category i should consider
  13. F

    8085 uP Simulator Needed !!!

    I need an 8085 uP Simulator...... .....not the one by Vaneet Singla.....anyother plz...
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