1. L

    URGENT HELP NEEDED: Unable to open console space in Mass Effect 1

    Hi guys, I am already at the end of my tether and have tried on EA Forums as well but to no avail. I have got a HP g207ax with an AMD A8 processor and 512 MB of VRAM but the problem is when I enter Peak 15 in Noveria mission the character becomes black blobs as well as any enemy or...
  2. rohitshakti2

    Recovering Pendrive after making it bootable

    I had made my usb drive bootable for installing win7 using the method given below but the light had gone after using the command Type “format fs = ntfs quick” and hit “ENTER” and when 65% of format was done. Now when I again opened the PC and saw the pen drive in cmd it is showing and using...
  3. N

    problem using ubuntu.

    I recently installed ubuntu by deleting win7.but mistakenly I enabled sudo command in setting at start up.whenever I reboot the welcome screen starts with sudo command console.I don't know any command!.I want to disable it and also I want to remove (permanently) ubuntu.(I don't want to get any...
  4. anon232

    HD4000 Command line options

    I've a SONY VAIO-F15219 laptop with Intel HD 4000 & NVIDIA GT 740M. Is there any way to use command line options for the different display profiles in Intel HD Graphics Panel?? I tried this but without any success: Intel Graphics
  5. Harsh Pranami

    Need help with Curl

    Hi friends. Suppose I use this command line to download a file "" of size 1mb from the url * curl * --range 0-499999 -o c:\ The above will download the first 499999 bytes of the file and save...
  6. B

    sharing wired internet in laptop with samsung tablet

    i have trouble in sharing my wired network with samsung tab via my laptop.i tried so many things.set up an adhoc network,bridging,command prompt. nothings working. also hostednetwork command is not supporting. is there any application to do this? help me....
  7. S

    [TUT] Introduction To OllyDbg And How To Find Your Way Around It

    Introduction To OllyDbg And How To Find Your Way Around It Hello! Once again guys I am back with another tutorial. This time I'm going to be discussing the program OllyDbg and giving you a brief introduction on how to use it/find your way around it. I will be asking you to install it at some...
  8. death_syndicate

    Batch file help

    how can a start a progam through batch file along with its command line parameters I need to start just cause 2 with command line parametrs -/frameratecap=30 -/dxadapter
  9. mang

    cannot execute copy command in the command line way

    I have one file 'Easy Unlock Method With SAM.mp4' which is in a pendrive, I would like to copy this file to Hard disk E:\ using the command line but some how i could not do it I switch from C: to I: which is the USB pendrive and give the command copy Easy Unlock Method With SAM.mp4 E: ( not...
  10. C

    Is it possible to execute a PHP script using a command line?

    Could you explain how to execute a PHP script using command line ?
  11. S

    GRUB on starts

    I had windows 7 on my laptop. I install ubuntu side by side with windows. then i wnated to uninstall ubuntu. i delete all the partion where ubuntu was there. but when i start after removing ubuntu is show no such partition and GRUP command crompt. Someone told me to use fixmbr or...
  12. E

    Folder Locked via CMD PROMT using cacls, but now unable to open (large folder 6 GB)

    I locked my folder using below command: D:\>cacls data /e /p everyone:n And, it should be open via below command: D:\>cacls data /e /p everyone:f But, as my folder is large i.e. more than 6 GB so I'm getting message "Access is Denied". Please suggest some effective measure as it...
  13. R

    Software is not Printing

    I Dont Know I m Posting in right Section or not? . I have One Acccounts Software At My Office Which is Made By Some Local It Solutions Company Here. The Problem is When i Give Print Command from software..Command Prompt Windows Opens And The Cursor Keeps on blinking and Nothing Else Happens So I...
  14. ajaybc

    For all Star Wars fans

    I dont know If you guys have seen this before, but type the following command into the command line / terminal and see what happens :). telnet BTW telnet is disabled by default in Windows 7. You can enable it by going to Control panel > programs and features > turn...
  15. Shibaprasad

    ATI Catalyst 12.6 command prompt window@ startup

    I have HD6770 card and it was running fine with supplied old driver. But after update the ATI catalyst to 12.4 there was a command prompt window just after windows login (it remains about few second). Also I faced some problem with 12.4 driver like 1 blue screen and few time aero theme problem...
  16. Neo

    MySQL server troubleshooting.

    So I had installed LAMP on my Mint 13 yesterday. The MySQL server was working fine after the install. But now I am not able to start it again. To start it, i gave this command: The Output was: Any help?
  17. S

    How do i start the gui in FreeDOS

    I know the command in Linux is startx, but what is the command for starting it in FreeDOS software..version is FreeCom 0.84-pre XMS_SWAP. Thanks in advance,
  18. S

    PC rebooting on giving PRINT command

    Hi all, My office PC (Intel Core 2 Duo E7600, 2GB RAM, Win 7 Pro) has a HP Laserjet P3005dn installed. Whenever I am giving a "print" command, the comp is rebooting. Is it bcoz of inadequate power supply issues? regards
  19. buddyram

    S.M.A.R.T. command Failed Error

    Yesterday evening when i switched ON my PC, to my surprise the system was unable to boot. It started showing "SMART Command Failed" Error. I was puzzled to see this message. I checked the connection to the hard disk(removed the connection and connected again), but nothing changed...
  20. prateek007391

    Windows 7 Password

    A friend of mine needed my help with the laptop, he said it was not working well. However now I have stumbled upon a very stupid problem, I forgot to take password of Windows 7. And now His mobile is switched off. Is there anyway to reset the password, I inserted windows 7 cd --> Repair your...
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