How often you upgrade your PC.

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Wise Old Owl
Upgrade that will count are

1. Replacing Mobo

2. Adding / Replacing gfx / HDD

3. Adding more RAM

4. Replacing Monitor

5. Upgrade of Whole Dibba

6. Adding Sound Cards / Network Cards.

I upgrade like Once in a year or so. I upgrade whole Dibba that time :D
Cant live with a PC thats too much outdated :cool:


Guess Who's Back
a better question would have been who earns big bucks on the forum...


Wise Old Owl

y Atleast 4-5 guys on this forum I saw with some extreme configs and still going for better :D

I wish I had that much $$ ;)


Romeo + Lucifer = ME
upgraded for the first time after 3 years n since then its a continuous process.... ram then hdd then dvd writer n now its again ram or gpu


NP : Crysis
i upgrade around every 4 months...lil things though, like added a gfx card, extra ram, extra hdd, lan card, usb card, bought a new mouse, dvd writer, headphones etc.


Although not intentionally, but 1 or the other of the above mentioned parts in my PC has changed atleast once every month... in last 6-8 months, I actually have no part of my PC now that I owned 6 months earlier, (except my DVD-RW), ... So I'd have to say, more than once a month.
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