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how effective are these institutes ???

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hi buddies n seniors !!!
right now am doin my plus 2 frm DELHI n interested in making my career in hardwares...I've heard of IIHT & JETKING imparting an year course related to hardwares n networking...All i really wanna know is dat how effective r these courses n is their claim of 100% job guarantee is worth believing???Opine me please...


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Hi There Wraj.....Hmm Now Even I Was too Dreamy About These Courses and Its Job Guarantee Offerings.......But rarely Are This Institutes Offer a Full Time Job Affliations.....If They Had Such Guarantees Then All The people Would Just Rush into Their Institutes and Then With Job Guarantee Assured They Wouldn't have to Look For Anything Else :wink:

Btw Aint Telling That These Are Faulty Institutes (Dont intend to Also) But Rather They offer good courses and Their Certifiations too are Useful But The Job Guarantee Part Is Just a Way Bit Over The Line.....may be They Just Apply U for Some Part Time Jobs Like My Cousin Was Put in a Hp Centre For a Temporary Hardware Operation Job After His Hardware Course In Jetking..... :p

The Rest Depends On U Plzz Make Sure U Inquire In Detail About Its Coruses and The Affliations Later On mate....Good Luck :D



hi there...

u can do a course with Jetking or Korex or other such institutes...

but to get a good job graduation is a must .....

no company will recruit u with out a proper graduation like BSc/BCom BE etc. ...

these job guarantee ... which they say r just sending u for interviews .... n then its upto u to perform @ the interview n get a job ....
1. if u r a BE who have scored 75%+ then u get a job in Red Hat/infy..
2. if u r a BSc who have scored 75%+ then u get a job in may b Wipro/ Novell
3. if u r a BCom who have scored 70%+ then u get a job in may b Patni / some other such firm ..
4. if u r just a plus 2 passout n done a course @ Jetking or other such institutes then ... u mite b lucky to get a job @ the local hardware store ...

well this is what the market is like ..... just to give u a rough idea ... not to scare u or discourage u...
u can go into h/w line after completing ur graduation .... what u choose for ur graduation depends on ur interest .....


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Hey!!! Do u think a person doing BE or B.tech should
go for certifications (like MCSE, CCNA ) from these institutes.

Do the companies coming for recruitment check these certifications
or is it the knowledge and presentation skills of the candidate
that r tested.
:?: :?: :?: :?:


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know this

If u want to devote ur life in hardware field,first understand international companies are giving jobs for system analyst,network administrator etc.My friend is in jetking(noida),they charge 1.2 lakhs for 11 month course and is completely useless to join such money fetching institutes.Be networking expert,chip level programmer etc.Gives exams like mcse,get A+ certifications(govt. recognised),wireless networking is also good.or best fight IIT to be a computer engeneer!!!
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