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  1. S

    Laptop Overheating problem: Cant' find spare part.

    Hi Friends: My Laptop, HP Pavilion dv4-t 1600 running on intel Core 2 Duo, Nvidia Geforce with cuda, Windows 7 64 bit home edition; is overheating and shutting down automatically. I asked HP service center but they can give support to Hardware's bought in abroad. They also doesn't have...
  2. S

    Help Needed!!

    Hey, I am from Mumbai,India. I am looking for guys who have hardware knowledge such as ground wire,12v,5v,3.3, wires etc Who have great and reliable knowledge in field of computer hardwares , consoles,electric devices,gadgets,etc I need for my projects Guys frm Mumbai are recommended...
  3. F

    Universal XP Image

    Can any one help me with universal xp image so that i can deploy on most pc. I have a windows xp VL edition and 7 pc's+1 laptop with different hardwares. so plz some one help me.
  4. I

    Is reselling the hardwares legal?

    One of my friends wants to resell new gaming hardwares (mouse, keyboard, graphics card etc) on his gaming site.. Is it legal or he needs some sort of license/ permission from the hardware brands.
  5. 786

    Do dealers really take low prices

    Do dealers of computer hardwares really take low prices than it is sold in the markets? Is it true? Will they give a valid/genuine bill for their hardwares?
  6. M

    laptop as a cellphone

    how do i use my laptop as a cell phone? what softwares and hardwares do i need? is this possible?
  7. Pravas

    ALienware Laptops

    Hey can anyone tell me are there Alienware Laptops available in India? If yes can you tell me whether the prices vary much.... can we assemble laptops or desktop like alienware hardwares. I am interested in alienware cuz its great for animation.
  8. sourishzzz1234

    The other Hardwares

    :cool:Dear buddies i have allready decided to buy a comp for gaming(mainly):) and other purposes and hade made alist of all the hardware manufacturers of the following: Monitor Speakers Keyboard Mouse Cabinet UPS MOtherboard Processor RAM HDD DVD RW I want the list of the other essential...
  9. K

    Actual consumption?

    Hi Guys, Can you tell me how much power will consume in Watts&Amphere separately by the following Hardwares each? How to calculate power consumption to know the suitability of SMPS? Core 2 Duo E6300 1.8GHz 965 Motherboard Ram Hard Disk DVD Combo Drive CD writer Floppy Drive Are...
  10. executioner

    Where to get cheapest hardware in Kolkata?

    Where will I get the cheapest hardwares in kolkata?Please specify the location.
  11. B

    Requesting Info on GPS service in India!!!

    Hi all... I use an O2 PDA and am very interested in the GPS facility. Any and every info on GPS is welcome....links, websites, softwares, hardwares., etc,...
  12. saintdark

    Pune Computer Stores

    Hi, I want to assemble an Amd SLI system with 2 gefrce 7900 cards, iam unable to find a good store that offers the hardwares, can anyone please help me with good stores in PUNE Thx in advance Regards Rej
  13. P

    Cool hardware and software sites...

    hi guys, plz suggest me some good hardware and software sites where they review hardwares and softwares.
  14. T

    how 2 learn to asssemble computers

    hey, i have been interested in this field, but due to lack of time i was unable to learn how to assemble my own computer. i have quite a lot of info about the latest hardwares and the latest technologies. so if anyone could give me any link from where i could learn this i will be very thankful.
  15. rockthegod

    Information Regarding Online Purchase of Graphics cards

    hi, I hv noticed that the prices of graphics cards/other hardwares are pretty cheap if we get them from Amazon.com... (for e.g. $160 for XFX 6600GT) .. do they really can transfer those hardwares to doorsteps in India ??? or is there a catch ??? Please guide me through this .... I have really no...
  16. wraj

    how effective are these institutes ???

    hi buddies n seniors !!! right now am doin my plus 2 frm DELHI n interested in making my career in hardwares...I've heard of IIHT & JETKING imparting an year course related to hardwares n networking...All i really wanna know is dat how effective r these courses n is their claim of 100% job...
  17. S

    some question on processors

    well staight to ? Is the pentium i ,ii all about ungradation of processors? What is ideal combination of RAM and Processors means 300 ghz pro canbot run with 28 mb ram i think What diff processor are available? standards? Can a pentium ii processor ungarded to p3 by adding and do it...
  18. P

    Hardwares in Patron

    I wish digit gave out hardwares in digit patron in future. Think of the new g-force series cards priced at 100000000 points :D this is a bit more. Mouse, keyboards, exhaust fans,will do. :?:
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