How Can I Contribute to Open Source and Linux

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After so many days of hesitation, I have finally switched to Linux with the help of Ubuntu Hardy Heron and Wuvi installer. Kudos to the Ubuntu team for providing such a simple installer for people like me who were afraid of losing their windows partition during Linux install otherwise. But all said and done, I have finally moved to Linux at both my workplace (RHEL) and home. Even I am posting this one from epiphany. Sadly my work required use of a few legacy applications which are not available for Linux as of now. So, I will have to go back to Vista once in a while.

Now, I want to know how I can contribute to the open source community. I do not have much knowledge in programming but I am currently learning Perl. Please let me know your opinion how I can contribute to OSS community.

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Various ways to contribute in my honest opinion:
1. Help troubleshoot problems on the Forums or Mailing List for the project.
2. Contribute by helping testing variopus programs
3. Contribute by providing Artwork ifyou are artistic
4. Help with Documentation especially translations
5. Hanging in IRC and helping out others with their problems
6. Refer the various Wish Lists and develop somethign for one of the projects you are interested in.

I haven't contributed anything so I wouldn';t know if any of this is correct but I would guess the above would be considered as worthy contributions.


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Thanks for your comments.

For the time being I think I will go ahead with my Perl learning. Also I will try to solve other's problems in this forum. I think that will be a good starting point.


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well, just my two cents. start up a blog and post one new thing you learnt each day.


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Thanks guys for all these discussion - this inspires me to contribute to open source
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