1. topgear

    Message from Western Digital

    Source : PM Received from Lincon_WD
  2. M

    Kickass torrent alternative after its Owner got arrested??

    What happened to all the uploaders who uploaded at kat? Which torrent site they moved to? Which torrent site to visit after kat got banned? I liked kat cause had well categorized torrents in main page and had a forum with pretty helping community. If you any like kat (not talking about the...
  3. Vyom

    Dreamspark account doesn't show usual Visual Studio apps

    So I login to my normal dreamspark account today, and realized that Microsoft have removed the versions of Visual Studio like Visual Studio 2010 Professional, VS Professional 2013 etc and replaced it with a new single product, Visual Studio Community 2015. The same IDE is also shipped with...
  4. G

    Being osctracized for supporting Modi, says Tamil writer facing legal trouble over book

    Being osctracized for supporting Modi, says Tamil writer facing legal trouble over book | The News Minute
  5. R

    Discussing Pirated Games !

    Is it allowed to talk about sharing links for downloading cracks and games ? I do not want to break any rules of this forum. IF not here can someone redirect me to such community.
  6. Cyberghost

    Grey Goo

    FIGHT THE CHAOS. OR HARNESS ITS POWER. Centuries after Humanity first left Earth, all forms of life in the Milky Way have evolved toward an inward tranquility. But there has been a mutation. A mysterious organism barrels toward the surface of a lone, resource-rich planet known as Ecosystem 9...
  7. snap

    Do you think the sense of 'community' is gone since game devs run the multiplayer servers themselves

    Do you think the sense of 'community' is gone since game devs run the multiplayer servers themselves? : truegaming Discuss...
  8. S

    Any user community for Kolkata Wishnet users ?

    Hi ... I am a new wishnet user. would like to know if there is any dedicated community of kolkata wishnet users. also , mine is a 512 Kbps silver plan with no peering. i would like to know about the NAS / web cache servers. can i get better speeds if i access them ?
  9. Katalyst

    [Online Dota 2 Gaming Tournament] Digital Wars Online - Season #2

    eSports Interactive Entertainment brings you Digital Wars Online - Season #2. We are thankful to the community for making Digital Wars Season #1 a success. We also would like to thank the community for the feedbacks & suggestions. We have listened to each of your feedbacks. We also like to thank...
  10. vamsi360

    Hi next-gen

    Hi all, I just logged in after so many years. Feels great to see the community grow. I grew up reading Digit for 4 years non-stop.:lol:
  11. shreymittal

    ThinkDigit Forum community on Google+

    Guys Join ThinkDigit Community on Google+
  12. Hrishi

    Bad news for Cyanogen Mod Lovers.

    Came across this news on CM facebook page. THis is qute disheartening for CyanogenMod lovers.
  13. lakeport

    Hey guys...

    Hey, i just signed up, and just wanted to say hi to the community. Hey can anyone tell me how to upload an avatar?
  14. A

    New member: introduction.

    Hello everybody, I am a new member to the forum site. I hope to have a nice time with the community.
  15. K

    Introduction New Member Here !!

    Hi everyone, Meet me, I am a new member introduce to this community. I have more interest in Kenny Dalglish . I am very much excited to take part of discussion. Hope if anybody friends are suggest me and cooperate about this topics. thank you to accepting me as a member of to this community...
  16. N

    Instagram for Android released

    Instagram is one of the hottest-anticipated Android apps to date, and after long wait is finally available on the Play Store. Now my new hobby is to take shitty pics , apply filters and post it to Instagram like a baws :D *kidding* Instagram now available on the Play Store | Android and Me...
  17. M

    AMD Community Meet coming to your city

    Hi Folks, Just got a message from AMD, just spreading the message across. AMD is organizing Community Meets across different locations... Starting with Delhi. The first Community Meet will be organized in Delhi, at Nehru Place. What can you expect from the meet ? ... Various Products on...
  18. R

    Gaming Community in Dehradun

    Is there any gaming community in Dehradun?
  19. pra85

    use your UNused computing power

    is your computer running all night to download some stuff(legally) or is your computer just switched on,doing nothing then i suggest u download a software called BOINC ( BOINC ) as the website tell ,it uses the idle time on your computer to do some research work like curing...
  20. R

    DCC Allahabad

    Digit Community chapter Allahabad is exclusive for people from Allahabad. Get updated on the latest happening in the Allahabad community from meets to chats and technology shopping sprees.
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