1. G

    Did you contribute to linux kernel?

    Anyone TDF involved in contributing code to Linux kernel or involved in kernel hacking? I am trying to contribute as newbie to learn about device drivers. :razz:
  2. RCuber

    Reset - Game Debut Trailer

    First Video KLd8kEQJIzw Gameplay trailer released a few weeks ago. * Links RESET Blog Theory Interactive Ltd. They are currently raising funds via Indiegogo, Please go ahead and contribute. * Note...
  3. Sounava

    Photography Tips Thread

    Well a lot of users here felt the need of one such thread. I hope all members will equally participate with their "gyaan". I intend to keep the first post as an Index of all the future Tips which are written here - I will edit this post and include the links of the specific post of this thread...
  4. nims11

    a simple OOP doubt

    please clear my doubt if a class A inherits from B, then why would the private members of the base class B will contribute to the size of the object of derived class A? P.S.- C.Sc board exam on 30th!!
  5. L

    Do you think "Hindi Movie" piracy is right?

    Hi Everybody, Wat say on this one? Do you think bollywood is affected by piracy. The pay packets of stars, directors and everybody associated with the film industry is phenomenal...So should we contribute to their rising pay packets by paying for tickets ? Or should we rather download it from...
  6. johny rico

    can a OSS be put under GNU GPL3 if written in python

    I created a RSS reader/parser using python which can be found here * i heard from a group that only C/C++ programs come under GPL:confused: i also want to contribute to open source community but i don't know how to start/how to join an existing group?. HELP!!!:)
  7. sourav123

    How Can I Contribute to Open Source and Linux

    Hi, After so many days of hesitation, I have finally switched to Linux with the help of Ubuntu Hardy Heron and Wuvi installer. Kudos to the Ubuntu team for providing such a simple installer for people like me who were afraid of losing their windows partition during Linux install otherwise...
  8. S

    5 Ways to Contribute to Open Source Projects Without Coding

    [B] [/LIST] [/LIST]SOURCE *
  9. A

    Indian Gaming Portal!!!

    hey sup people? A new Indian Gaming portal is coming up soon! 'Evolution: Live the game!' Everything from reviews to demos to discussions! The best thing is it will host COD, Enemy Territory, CS , NFS multiplayers!!!!! And monthly gaming competitions too. If anyone wants to contribute or...
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