1. N

    Can I use Robotium if I only have the apk file?

    Which version of Android does robotium support? My Android Version is 5.1.1! I get started with Robotium and then enter the Start command, but the screen goes to the Google screen and freezes there. I think I am going to need to wipe the tablet, but if there's another trick, please advise! I...
  2. Theodre

    Wine On Android For Running Windows Apps!!

    Yes, it's true!! The original developer of the wine project is working on the next wine version that will do the trick. SOURCEWINE This is going to put wine into a bigger SPOTLIGHT!! :)
  3. N

    Ga 78 lmt Board Issue

    I have an Gigaabyte GA 78 LMT SP2 3.1 Motherboard. I tried installing AMD 4400+ on it , but the computer wont boot up. Does anyone have any trick or solution for this. Thanks.
  4. S

    How to get this type of effect?

    I am asking about the picture at * or direct link * The buildings seems to meet at the top, how can I...
  5. hari1

    [Trick] Convert 1GB Memory Card to 2GB in Size

    Any body please go here and follow the instructions given on this site and tell me if it really works even for a 1GB pendrive. This link to it is--- [Trick] Convert 1GB Memory Card to 2GB in Size | TipsoTricks
  6. B

    GPU to go with Intel i5 760

    i need a "not-very-expensive" GPU, all i need to do is play HD movies and maybe some light weight gaming plz suggest me a GPU that would do the trick..
  7. J

    vb software lock

    i want to make lock for my developed software for online exam i use fronthand tool vb and backhand tool msaccess. if any one have any trick to create lock for it please inform me. thanks in advance for it
  8. icekid

    How to Verify PayPal and buy online without a credit card?

    I found a trick to buy online without a credit card and verify PayPal. Awesome trick and it works perfectly. I tried it myself. The tutorial is found here * Since the tutorial is not mine, I...
  9. A

    Airtel gprs free all over india (trick works on PCs)

    This trick is for those who would like to use free airtel gprs on their Pc. Go to * to see the complete guide. This is simple and once you downloaded the required software you can enjoy free gprs in minutes. Best of luck to all and Happy New Year. :-D
  10. A

    AirTel GPRS 30ps Balance Trick

    I found a trick of using any gprs service in india free of cost. and it works like a dream. Trust me i am using it right now. go to * to see the complete tutorial. Post your replys here about you experience. Enjoy :neutral:
  11. rajeshjsl

    megaupload direct download trick

    read here the trick , only 2 lines ! *
  12. angie

    Trick: How to reload faster in firefox

    This is my very first tutorial. I haven't heard of this anywhere so I am not copying it. This trick is especially helpful for those who are on a slower connection. As you know firefox has a cool feature of "recently closed tabs" and now "recently closed window" with v3.5 onwards. But a very few...
  13. surinder

    Need a trick to save power

    Hi all, Guys I'm using BSNL's home combo 500c broadband plan so my system downloads 2 A.M to 8 A.M daily (automatically obviously ) during that period speakers and LCD remains switched off. I wonder if there is a trick to software operated power off for GPU as well that way I can save few watts...
  14. F

    Lost my security code !!!! need help !!!

    Guys my friend has Nokia 2680 slide phone. Just a week ago he forgot the security code of his phone. I searched the net and got the master code trick. But its still not working. So help me to reset the password of the phone. Reply me asap....
  15. S

    iPhone Security Flaw Puts All Private Information at Risk

    There's a huge security problem in the latest iPhone 2.0.2: if you have your Phone password protected, using a very simple trick gives anyone full access to your cellphone private information in Mail, SMS, Contacts, and even Safari. The two-step trick is even simpler to the one used in the past...
  16. G

    i need free gprs in nepal

    hello there guys. my only option for fast internet is gprs on mobile. the problem is they charge on per kb basis that comes to Rs.20 per MB. i cant afford this so what i need is some trick to get gprs for free. can u help me. thanks a lot in advance
  17. S

    Want to See Snowfall in Your orkut Account?? Most Wanted trick

    Want to See Snowfall in Your orkut Account?? Here is the trick..: Login to your orkut account now copy and paste the below link in ur address bar and press enter, then see the magic
  18. B

    Win Xp Tips

  19. Vishal Gupta

    What was the Secret Behind Man Walking on Water???

    Guys India TV was showing a clip in which an American man was walking on water in a swimming pool. There was another clip in which a magician walked in a tub filled with water. An Indian magician was sitting in India TV studio and he was saying that its completely real, no camera trick, no...
  20. evewin89

    how 2 disable right click???

    i want 2 kno how 2 disable right click in VISTA.In winXP i used 2 disable right click from regedit bt this trick is not working in vista.:confused:
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