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[Help] Restoring SMS after factory reset (Nexus 4)


I performed a factory reset / format on my N4 a few months ago and I haven't used the device since. Now I need to access some of my old SMSes. I would like to know if there is any way to get those SMSes back? Any software that lets you get your old files back?

Any help would be much appreciated


you could have made a backup of them before doing a factory reset from apps like Super backup, but i don't think they can be recovered after the factory reset. :|


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Um, unfortunately there is no way. You might wanna double check by asking in XDA, but I'm quite sure about it.
There's a software to help you get some of the old files back from an SD card, but not from phone's memory I'm afraid.


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If one uses Hangout, then I think conversations (sms & chats) are backed up in your email storage. Old sms app wont do that.
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