HELP!!! Processor Identity!!!!

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I downloaded and ran CPU-Z latest version 1.32 and it shows that i have a Manchester core Athlon 64...which i know is absurd!!! i expected a Venice!

Also even after enabling C'n'Q from bios and Windows the processor does not underclock itself...nor its it stable when overclocked even friend says that i have a Manchester witha faulty core sold to me as He right????
if so should i ask for replacement from my vendor???
my processor shows 41 C when started and at peak usage goes to 52 C
also i use a ASUS A8N-E mobo and it's temperature varies from 34 C to
46C ! are these temperatures OK?? Does somebody running the same config or similar has lower temperatures???


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If you have venice core, then kindly look into the box of the processor, it should say ADA3000BPBOX. That is the verification of Venice core. If the processor is under warranty, then you might as well ask for a replacement by showing the CPU-Z results.

By the way, I think the temperatures are normal. After playing Doom3 Ultra quality for around 3 hrs, the temperature that was shown in ntune and Asus PC-probe was around 52 deg, the A8N-E temp was 50deg and the GPU (6800GS) temp was 49deg. The temperature quickly falls to around 41deg after doing other mundane 2D tasks. I think your temp is normal but get the CPU replaced.


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Actually Manchester is the core name for the AMD Athlon 64 X2 [Dual Core] CPUs that have 512Kb cache for each core.


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So whats your point????
what am i to do ????
i have single core processor and it shows one out there who can help me enable the second core....if there is!!!
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