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  1. D

    Glamour girls march topless through Manchester in aid of Brit soldiers

    "London, Sept 30 (ANI): A dozen women paraded through Manchester topless to show their support for British troops fighting abroad. The women stunned shoppers, builders and office workers as they marched wearing only tight leather trousers and camouflage body paint across their chests, reports...
  2. C

    AMD 64 3200 + manchester core ?

    Can a amd 64 athlon 3200+ have a machester core ?? Check this Checked it with cpu-z 1.32
  3. K

    HELP!!! Processor Identity!!!!

    :( I downloaded and ran CPU-Z latest version 1.32 and it shows that i have a Manchester core Athlon 64...which i know is absurd!!! i expected a Venice! Also even after enabling C'n'Q from bios and Windows the processor does not underclock itself...nor its it stable when overclocked even...
  4. M

    Manchester United Club Football 2005

    Hi I installed Club Football Manager 2005 Manchester United Demo. but when i start the demo it exits to the desktop. My system specs is P4 2.8 HT, 915GAG, 512 RAm
  5. geek_rohit

    Club Football 2005

    Forget FIFA. Forget PES. Check out the Club Football 2005 range of Soccer games from Codemasters (The developers of the famous Colin McRae Rally). It has got individual titles for many of the famous soccer clubs including Arsenal, Liverpool, Real Madrid and many more. Also in the stores is...
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