1. P

    help on searching on web

    I want to know that while searching on any search engine. If I use four different tabs for four different topics of search. The results of four different topics comes in respective tabs. How and why they are not mingled up each other. Pls help
  2. .jRay.

    App Share Thread

    Found an interesting app? Share it with fellow tdf'ians. All OS's welcome. Please share link to respective apps. Stop staring, Start sharing.
  3. clerkman1612

    Can 2 OS (Operating Systems) be installed in one laptop?

    Is it possible that 2 Separate Operating Systems (One Win 7 64-Bit and One Win 7 32-Bit) can be installed in a same laptop?8-) I meant these both OS should be in one laptop at the same time. And one more question. If I put 4 GB RAM in the laptop, then will Both OS will detects whole 4 GB RAM in...
  4. m-jeri

    Logitech Z-5500...Need Opinions...

    Hey...u know i was looking for a long time to buy this.... anyone here using it.... I never heard anything bad abt it....only glory..... Can any one please tell me the price at ur respective cities... Thnx.... :)
  5. M

    a cool cellphone

    hey guys, can anyone please tell me where can i get a SE K500i or K750i in pune and what r the respective prices mak
  6. gauravakaasid

    Serious prob !!!!!!!

    My machine not booting . please can ne1 tell me the possible reasons and the respective solutions. :?
  7. saROMan

    Opera 8 Help !!

    I am using ver 8 ..i have problem with Plugins.....have Downloaded/installed plugin for Flashget & Getright ..but even after installation its not shown in plugins ...i restarted opera to get them detected..but no use..also there is no option for find plugins in opera 8 ..i have visited the...
  8. ax3

    Photoshop help ! ! !

    have created psd files & saved them also ... bt after saving & closing them ... next time when i open them, history has vanished ... can u save history along with its respective psd file for use in a later editing session ???
  9. M

    Sticky WindowsXP Pro SP1..........

    Hi, I m having a strange problem. I m having WinXP Pro SP1. In my PC My Computer, My Documents, Recycle Bin, Internet Explorer (only these 4 things) take about a minute to open. I mean once i double clicked the respective icon it take about a minute in opening the respective window. In between...
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