1. D

    Animated graph in jsp.

    Hi all, I want to show a graph in my jsp which would get data from my db, and it show show the graph as it is currently drawing, what I mean is ... If the data is from the years 2000,2001,2002....2011 and shows the population the line should start from 2000 and continue to draw till 2011...
  2. digitalage

    Transfer data from jsp to struts action class

    Hi I am new to struts and trying to figure out how I can transfer data from jsp page ( combo box) to a action class Thanks
  3. speedyguy

    help: jdbc to db2 connectivity

    im using eclipse 3.3 to create a dynamic web project (jsp) using websphere (apache geronimo) server and db2.... i have used the following code to connect to db2 from jsp- Class.forName("com.ibm.db2.jcc.DB2Driver").newInstance(); Connection...
  4. G

    JSP Tutorials

    Pls can anyone tell me any jsp free tutorials online
  5. N

    want to self study java

    want to learn java on my own.. any tips? like where to start from.. cuz i have done it in the course a bit.. i am familiar with the idea of classes and objects.. i am thinking of starting from servlets and jsp.. would that be cool or should i start it from the scratch because i want to assist a...
  6. A

    Help needed - planning a career as a web developer

    Hi all , I am here with my so many doubts about my future career . I need suggestions from IT professionals and geeky here . I am keen interested in web application development . I am doing MCA from IGNOU . I have a basic knowledge of web designing ,html , php , mysql , linux etc . Now coming to...
  7. P

    j2ee server not recognising/executing the script

    plz... help.. my j2ee server is starting up properly... but... when i put the local IPaddress over internet exp.....its not opening the home page of j2ee server.. moreover due to that.... wen i run ne of my jsp application the server is not executing the jsp scripts and opening the actual code...
  8. M

    request.setAttribute() in jsp

    I want to process verious request from various jsp pages in a single jservlet(controller),how can i do it?? how can i do it using request.setAttribute() in various jsp pages
  9. sganesh

    Need Help in creating online quiz application using JSP

    Hi, i am creating online Quiz application using JSP and MySQl ,Apache 6 in Netbeans IDE. i am able to successfully display first question from database,and can say the answer is correct or not,,but i can't implement the program further ,in such way that when clicking next button ,new question...
  10. N

    weblogic server help

    i want to know that how to use weblogic server. i have weblogic 8.1 and want to run servlet and jsp file on specily jsp file. can anyone explain how to run jsp file using weblogic server. i forget how to use weblogic server, i think we have to build a war file. i forget how to build a war file...
  11. H

    Download problem in GPRS !

    I use Nokia 2626 I am a BSNL customer I have GPRS activated. My problem is when i download .jar files from the net i get it with an .ext extension and is not able to open it. I use Google pages and a 50webs account for uploading the files. Basically, i wite my homepage in html. I have also tried...
  12. nileshgr

    JSP in linux?

    Guys, my uncle is going to do web-designing in JSP or PHP. First he said JSP. Then to reduce PC cost about 3-5k he must use linux. In linux is JSP programming possible??
  13. P

    jsp vs asp.net

    hi, I wanted to learn ascripting language and came to know that there are mainly 2 contenders JSP and ASP.NET. I want to learn one of them, which one should I learn and why. or is PHP better than both of these Please help thanks in advance
  14. nithinks

    Whats wrong? JSP in netbeans?

    <%@ taglib prefix="c" uri="*java.sun.com/jsp/jstl/core" %> <%@ taglib prefix="sql" uri="*java.sun.com/jsp/jstl/sql" %> <HTML> <HEAD> <%@page import="java.io.*" import="java.lang.*" import="java.sql.*" %> <TITLE>JSP Example 2</TITLE> </HEAD> <BODY> <H1>JSP Example 3</H1>...
  15. nithinks

    Executing JSP

    hello members, i want to execute this code.. <%! int pageCount = 0; void addCount() { pageCount++; } %> <html> <title>PageCount.jsp</title> <body> <% addCount(); %> This page is visited <%= pageCount %> times </body> </html> ----------------------------------------...
  16. S

    website using jsp

    i hve to make a wbsite for a fashion designer using jsp which software should in used to make wesite easily plus where can i find template for jsp based sites plus i have to make flash into page how can i do that
  17. santu_29

    jsp help needed :)

    i need to learn jsp, ejb and xml as i have them in my course this semester. can anyone suggest me a good editor for jsp. i have been using dreamweaver for last 2 years but it seems its not good for jsp. also does anyone know any free jsp webhost where i can test my pages :)
  18. lywyre

    REQ: JSP Plugin for Eclipse

    Hi, Can any one please suggest a JSP Plugin for Eclipse (free or open source)? Thank you.
  19. iinfi

    free java, jsp hosting

    i know there are a 100 threads regarding this but none givs a specified reply... i want a gud free java jsp hosting service which will allow me to place my own ads in it. thanks cheers iinfi koi to batao ....
  20. K

    JSP ERROR Please Help.......

    I am using Tomcat server to connect JSP to Access database. The error I get is: Error: 500 Location: /myJSPs/DataAccess.jsp Internal Servlet Error: javax.servlet.ServletException: Unable to load class com.sun.jdbc.odbc.Driver at...
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