Help needed in buying fone.

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Hi guys!My frnd is going to buy a new fone and his budget is 20k(max).
He has a strong dislike for N70/N72.He wants a Nokia S60v3 fone or PDA.So guys plz suggest wat fones he sud consider.
Thnx in advance.
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You can try Nokia E62 (15.6K) if 3G and Wi-Fi are not important or E61 for 18.8K (I think the price dropped today) if U need 3G/WLAN.Nokia E50 at 10.8K is cost effective choice.

Among Windows mobile,imate JAQ for 22K is worth considering,with excellant office apps,touch screen,WM5.0 & 64MB RAM+128MB ROM but without WLAN/Cam.
O2 Atom is available for 26.8K with all necessary features like WLAN/2MP cam/FM/WM5/64/128.
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