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  1. L

    Urgent French-Eng Dictionary Required(Nokia n73 s60v3)

    Please guys help me.I want a French-Eng & vice versa full free dictionary for Nokia n73 s60v3.....Can u please provide me link.. THanks in advance
  2. L

    [b]C,Java Editor & Compilor For s60v3 Mobile

    Please suggest any free and good C,Java Editor & Compiler for s60v3 Nokia Phones ...
  3. Z

    Cheapest s60v3 nokia phone?

    My 3 year Nokia 3250 is failing on me and its as heavy as a brick. Im in the search for a new phone, but dont wanna spend much. Under 10K. In fact the only feature i want is it to be s60v3. Cant live without it. Any phones in mind? Oh, and the new 2730 Classic, anyone know what OS it has...
  4. Cool G5

    Windows 7 Theme for s60v3

    After working for a long week, another theme is ready for you. Here is Windows 7 Theme for s60v3 devices. Windows 7 Theme will work on all s60v3 devices having a display resolution of 240*320 pixels. It isn’t designed for Landscape mode, so if you use any screen rotater software or your...
  5. dhanusaud

    Screenshot for S60V3

    Does anybody know screehshot software for S60V3? I am currently using Screenshot V 3.01, lemme know if there is anyother software that has capabilities to take screenshot with higher resolution.
  6. dhanusaud

    Few question. . . .regarding s60v3

    Guys, Here are the questions. 1) IS THERE ANY EMULATOR FOR S60V3 THEMES ? 2) WHERE CAN I SHARE MINE S60V3 THEMES? 3) CAN I SET WINDOWS LIVE MAILBOX IN AUTOMATIC RETRIEVAL MODE? 4) WHERE CAN I FIND WALLS FOR S60V3 THEMES? Regarding question3 I know two sites zedge & ipmart-forum...
  7. H

    multiplayer games for s60v3

    i want some multiplayer games for s60v3 fones whihc support M/P over bluetooth.just give me the names of the games and i get them. thnx.:)
  8. tanush_89

    Plz Its Really Urgent

    hI GUYS, I want to open S60v2 applications/games on the new S60v3 phones. Can anyone help me ??? I want to know it pretty badly
  9. T

    S60 3d Edition Feature Pack 1

    WHat is this? i camee across it at some site. but couldnt understand CAN we install this on our s60v3 phones ourselves or is their a diff procedure.
  10. assasin

    Help needed in buying fone.

    Hi guys!My frnd is going to buy a new fone and his budget is 20k(max). He has a strong dislike for N70/N72.He wants a Nokia S60v3 fone or PDA.So guys plz suggest wat fones he sud consider. Thnx in advance.
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