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help me in choosing


Broken In
I am planning to buy a new digital camera meant for general photography during the family get togethers and other family photos. I am have homed down to two cameras- canon SX130 and Sony H55. Tell me which one to go for?


Cyborg Agent
both are almost similar in specs..
Canon sx 130IS has - better macro capability, and more zoom i.e 12x where as sony has 10x zoom, slightly better HD recording

Sony H55 is good in - its smaller, lighter and thinner, better max light senstivity, shoots slightly faster and exposure time is also double than canon..

now make a choice.. performance is almost similar..


In the zone
Plus SX130 IS has full manual mode and Aperture Priority, Shutter Priority modes. H55 is only automatic.


In the zone
^ My bad. Typing mistake. I meant to say in H55 you will get only M mode. No aperture priority mode (which is used 90% of time) and no shutter priority mode.
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