1. Shah

    Any Digitian from Kolkata? Seeking a small favour

    Hey guys, A scammer from Kolkata is misusing the photos of some guy to scam people online. This guy seems to be working in television media. I have uploaded the pics of him here and here. I'd like to inform him about the scammer and the misuse of his photos. I have scammer's address, bank...
  2. ajayritik

    Need help in moving stuff out of android to Iphone

    I recently got iPhone and would want my contacts and other apps data to be moved to my iPhone. 1.Firstly do I need to check if all my contacts from my android phone moved to google and then take back up and then import them to my Android? 2. I use some apps like Expense Manager, Any.Do is this...
  3. deadnoun

    Samsung Galaxy S7 or S7 EDGE??

    I'm planning to buy Samsung S7 but bit confused with it -_- Which one is slippery in hands? I'm a Phone breaker -_- and which is Good for photos these are the two things I'm more concerned about. Please knowledge me. Thank's in advance.
  4. Darshan Singh

    Unable to upload photos

    Hi guys, I am unable to upload photos in a post. I have reduced the file size to around 180kb and the resolution is also according to standards (1600*1200) but when I try to upload photos under 'Manage Attachments', it gives an error saying 'Upload of file failed'. Does anyone have any idea...
  5. W

    Urgent Camera Buying Advise Required

    Hello folks! When it comes to buying something tech, i always come here for the best advise. Today i really need your help selecting a digital camera. Firstly my budget is 6000/- or lower. (Reason: just wish to click friends & family photos for Facebook or memories :) don't want a bulky SLR, i...
  6. thetechfreak

    WhatsApp will support backing up of conversations & media to Google Drive

    Source: Google Drive Blog: Keep your memories safe with WhatsApp and Google Drive
  7. shreeux

    Best SmartPhones in 5"inch display?

    I reviewed and confused..which one to choose about Moto E 2gen, Redmi2 & Lenova 6000Plus I want to bought Smartphone to my father... 1. Budget - 7-9K 2. Display type and size - 5 inche 3. Dual sim - Preferrably 4G 4. Preferred brand - Any, need better after sales service 5.Camera -...
  8. Mr.Kickass

    Google+ officially splits into Photos and Streams

    (Source) I think this might remotely interest (or disinterest) Vyom :-D
  9. Subhankar Mondal

    How to restore photos from keep safe in my android mobile ?

    I installed and used keep safe in my android but I forgot the email id and password which I used in keep safe . How can I restore photos now ?
  10. K

    Old Lens Problem

    hi guys , need an opinion on my old Tamron 28-200mm AF (a-mount) lens i hadnt tried photos with my new 1200D with this lens so far and when i tried it today,all the photos were coming a bit greyish towards the rims and i tried cleaning it etc but it still has the same effect does my lens have...
  11. ajayritik

    Best software to recover deleted files

    I recently deleted some back up of my mobile which includes some important videos and Photos. Is there any reliable software which can help me recover this?
  12. S

    Printer suggestion requested.

    Hi, I am trying to buy a printer, which would have multiple functions like printing scanning copying etc.. I am also looking for a device which would be economical in the long run with regards to the cost of refining and cartridges. Additionally, I would like to take out photos occasionally...
  13. G

    Printing Photos

    I went to the Photo lab around & I found they don't print in 16:9 aspect ratio. Most of the photos I took were in that ratio. So I settled on 5 * 7''. I thought I'd re-size the photos myself rather than them cropping to what they like. The guy there told me to keep it 5 * 7 in & a certain...
  14. abhijeet.ak

    Suggestion for Printer

    Friends, Can you please suggest a good printer. I am open for Home / SOHO MFP's as well. However, I already have a fujitsu scansnap scanner. My basic requirement would be printing a couple of photos and general document printing. Although, the printer has to wireless enabled, Budget - No...
  15. G

    Shooting indoor group people photos with P&S - need tips.

    Not sure if to post in camera talk or photography thread, so I created this one. In my recent attempts, I haven't got any exceptional photos shooting indoor group photos , most of them were ok. So looking out for tips on these photos as these constitute about 50% of my photos. - Photos...
  16. D

    Problem with Facebook

    I uploaded some pictures on my facebook account. Suddenly, I was informed at my connected mail account that one of my friend has shared a photo on On clicking the link View Photo in the email I was redirected to where I found that all those facebook photos got...
  17. D

    P&S Camera - 10 to 12 k

    Hey guys I need your buying advice for the following requirements.. What's your budget? 10-12k Camera type? Point and Shoot Body Style? Compact What will you be shooting with this camera? Group Photos, indoor photos, mechanical parts, landscapes Will you be shooting mostly...
  18. B

    Uploading photos using Utorrent

    My brother in law lives in another city. I have about 1.5 GBs of photos to share with him. Is it possible to do this using Utorrent? I've already made the torrent, I can send it to him by email (its 62 kb), but when I start seeding it to him during the morning hours when I have free internet...
  19. B

    camera's photos are black

    guys i need some help i have a kodak easyshare c140 its aperture is not opening so the photos are coming totally black plz help
  20. sksundram

    Hangouts- snapshot- save- location

    I was wondering where could I find the photos taken as snapshots in google hangouts. it's not in my picasa web albums or in my google drive or in my google+ photos album. and one more thing, how to delete those photos coz I learned somehow that it can't be deleted. anybody?
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