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hi guys

iam in big trouble :| yesterday i bought a 17" inch SAMSUNG SYNCMASTER 794MG

and it shows ssome horizontal white lines in it

if u want to have a look at those disturbance lines then plz take ur mobile near to ur screen and dial a call ur screen will get flickers however i not always get that disturbance sometimes i get that and sometimes it just happens for minutes.

thats is my problem plz help

plz plz plz help :(


cyborg :(


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i noticed it mostly when the screws ain't tightened properly ,things like that. did you happen to check it with your friends system...its an lcd , you can carry it easily .


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cyborg: your descriptiom is rather vague. Can you take a picture of the screen and post it?

Do the horizontal lines run the full width of the screen, spaced roughly an inch apart, slanting slightly down on the left side? Or are they short streaks appearing briefly at random places on the screen? If it's neither of these two, can you give a better description?


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naah pimpom he is right, and its usual, the disturbance happens when you get calls on mobile and your mobile is kept near the CRT.

Happens alot in my office, always when mobile is kept nearby the CRT, and an incoming comes.

LCDs do not have this problem. And the problem is nothing to worry about. But if the screen shows bad picture you need to degauss your CRT, you will find the option in the menu
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