1. K

    Bluetooth IEMs for Le 1S in budget 1K

    Hello. It is proving to be harder than expected to find a decent bluetooth IEM for my CDLA equipped phone. I will primarily be using these for general music & movies as well as calling (yes I want one with Mic). I was looking for something alone the lines of these - *
  2. A

    Which is the best Broadband Provider in Civil Lines Delhi ?

    Which is the best Broadband Provider in Civil Lines Delhi ?
  3. A

    Black horizontal lines hovering all over my laptop

    Hi , recently i did installed a fresh windows 7 on my laptop, I did installed all the drivers.But now i am facing a problem that sometime few horizontal black lines come on laptop and blinks everywhere suddenly.Sometime these lines come and go after few seconds.And sometime these lines stays. I...
  4. quicky008

    Red flickering lines and dots appearing randomly on monitor-please help

    I've been facing a strange issue with my pc for the last 2 days-sometimes when i play a game for a while,red flickering dots and lines start appearing randomly on the monitor.This is really strange as i've never faced such issues with my pc before.At first i thought that this was happening as...
  5. chandan3

    moto g3 display problem

    Hello guys,I just got my moto g 3 this week... I noticed vertical line on the mobile display today when back light is off or phone is in sleep mode..These lines are not visible when light is on... Moreover they are viable at a particular angle only or under direct light focussed on it.The...
  6. I

    The Air Quality Index Website

    Civil Lines, Delhi, Delhi Air Pollution: Real-time PM2.5 Air Quality Index (AQI) Just put in your city on the top right, and if the US embassy has set up sensors there,it'll pop up. For those in Delhi, check out civil lines during traffic hours. Its almost always above the highest levels.
  7. D

    Printer Problem

    I am using HP D2460 and D1010 printers. While the HP 1010 prints pdf files as it is seen on the screen (WYSWYG) the HP2460 does not do. There is overlapping of lines on the printout. I am using Windows 7. Kindly help.
  8. Vyom

    Dell 19" Monitor showing strange white flickering lines

    I am using a Dell 19" monitor: 1909W tbp since many years now. Today suddenly while in the middle of browsing white lines started to flicker. I got worried and shutdown the PC. Tried to change the cable from HDMI to VGA. Lines still persisted. Then I tried using the monitor on my secondary PC...
  9. J

    GPU kaput?

    So I was playing dark souls 2 and then all of a sudden screen goes funny. Green lines and blue lines. I restart the machine and since then it doesn't go past the welcome screen. After welcome screen, screen goes black and after a wihle a message comes up saying "A hyper transport sync flood...
  10. Akira

    Awesome quotes from video games

    Ever since gaming started, whether it be a console or the PC, there has been some beautiful and epic dialogue written. It could be in sound bubble, dialogue choices, or just plain old game Tags. I didn't add best to the title, because really, it's just a matter of relevance. {NOTE: There...
  11. tanmaymohan

    8400GS Problematic Display

    I am using Palit 8400GS 512MB GPu for around a year but now I am facing this problem. ON boot The Monitor displays just lines and lines and nothing else. The Intel HD2000 VGA port works fine though for the time being. What can be the cause?
  12. technova

    New Samsung LED TV Problem

    Hi, I have made up my mind and cancelled Nexus 4 and purchased a new 32" Samsung LED TV on 15th Aug. The model No is UA32F4000ARMXL, to be frank, its a new model but I am unable to locate the same on their website. However I can see UA32F4000ARLXL but not UA32F4000ARMXL. From very first day...
  13. M

    AMD 7000 series defected?? Vertical lines, crashes, Solid screens.

    After working perfectly for about 1 month, my two month old HIS 7850 IceQ X started crashing for no reason at random times (Using youtube, opening folders, Editing videos and also while opening normal programs). It is going worse day by day and today it cant even play a video for 1 sec without...
  14. A

    remove dotted foucs lines from desktop icons

    it alwys keeps me bothering:-x wen i select a desktop icons coz it shows dotted white line whch is like a bug to my eyes." i want to remove it but dont know how.. google it a lot but no help from there as well. if anyone know how to do dis...pls share ur trick! (BTW AM TAKING ABOUT FOCUS...
  15. R2K

    Blurry Vertical lines on LCD monitor

    I purchased a Acer H163HQ LCD monitor before 2 days. Yesterday i found blurry words in certain areas of the screen. The only place the words are blurry is in three vertical lines; left, center, and right side of the screen. The lines are about one inch wide and run from top of the screen to the...
  16. MegaMind

    Is this monitor problem?

    Blue lines are occuring in my bro's Dell ST2010 monitor occasionally... I've tried connecting to my PC too, but the same prob... Is it monitor prob?? It happens like this..
  17. G

    Nvidia 8400 GS super

    hey Pals please help me i have nvidia 8400 gs super. ....... it started troubling me vertical Strange lines it is showing........ I recently plugged it out for cleaning. but when i plugged in it started showing lines. before that it was working fine. Pleases help ....... am attaching a pic...
  18. Ronnie11

    Black Lines on Nokia N82 Screen...

    Hey guys,i noticed this morning that there are some black lines which are horizontal & in the shape 'F'...It wasn't there yest & i noticed it this morning when i answered a call...what is this black lines??Any other n82 users experienced this..are these dead pixels?Its been 2 years & 1 month...
  19. D

    graphics problem

    My graphics in windows xp sp3 pc go wild randomly from boot . they blur and sometimes even some lines come. please help me
  20. H

    PRONET Wireless ADSL 2+ router

    Pronet Wifi ADSL 2+ Modem + Router with 4 ports 1. Model number and details: Pronet PN 54WADSL2 all acc. with the box 2. Date of purchase: Oct 09 3. Reason for sale: Shifted to a new place and there are no BSNL...
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