1. bee

    viber problem :(

    im facing this really weird issue i just installed viber and when i call someone my voice is perfectly clear but when the other person says something it has this really horrible disturbance almost deafening please help guys
  2. ajayritik

    Best In Ear phones between Rs 600- Rs 1200

    I need to go for a new pair of Ear phones as both my in ear phones have gone bad. Creative EP 630 and Sony Fontopia. Does anybody have good suggestions on this? My budget is around Rs 500. Main purpose is to listen to music at office using the PC to avoid the disturbance of the...
  3. ::cyborg::

    ::::help Help Help My New Monitor::::

    hi guys iam in big trouble :| yesterday i bought a 17" inch SAMSUNG SYNCMASTER 794MG and it shows ssome horizontal white lines in it if u want to have a look at those disturbance lines then plz take ur mobile near to ur screen and dial a call ur screen will get flickers however i not...
  4. BBThumbHealer

    Audio CD Woes.....

    Hello Buddies, I created an audio cd using my Samsung DVD Writer ....now when i play that in my Sony CD Player , in some songs there's a disturbance but when i play the CD on PC , there's no disturbance at all ! haven't tried playing the CD on my car's CD player ! what can be the problem ...
  5. N

    Planning to buy a LCD TFT monitor (suggestions)

    Hi Presently I have a 14 inch LG CRT monitor occupying lot of space. From last 2 days i has started behaving weird. I noticed this when the computer table shaked. The monitor started fickering. Sometimes it also shows disturbance as happens when a cell phone call is received. I found that this...
  6. rohanbee

    Looking at this wireless router? comments

    Im planning to use this wireless router D-Link DL524 Airplus G 802.11g/2.4ghz, Im going to be using it to configure my laptop and desktop to use the bsnl broadband connection...... Anyone have anything good or bad to advice about this product before i buy.... Does it have good coverage and...
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