1. jackal_79

    Something to look forward to-Android 7.0 Nougat review

    Android 7.0 Nougat review: Something to look forward to -
  2. Pasapa

    All Xbox One exclusives coming to PC?

    Seems like Microsoft decided to release all their upcoming games on PC !Really looking forward to this . Only downside is that its Win10 only. Gears of War 4 confirmed for Windows 10, coming October | PC Game Forza Horizon 3 is coming to PC | PC Game E3 2016: Xbox One, PC Exclusive Recore...
  3. stonecaper

    Need Suggestions for a 1T/3* AC in Kolkata

    Hi all Need suggestions for a split ac for My 110 sft room on top floor.consumption will be approx 40 hours/Month and 6 Months/Year Following units are available for My pincode -...
  4. I

    A new mobile phone below 5k

    Hi people, I am looking forward to buy a android phone within or for Rs. 5000 Please suggest me some good options for it. I am looking forward for a decent device with decent config. Value for money is important. Best, PosterGuy
  5. A

    BEST 32 inch latest tv

    Hello guys, I do not know much about television however, i'm looking forward to purchase a 32 inch TV within a budget of 40-45K. Mostly, i'm looking at brand Sony and Samsung. Requirement : 1. Best picture quality, latest technology and features ( e.g. samsung gesture control for model...
  6. sling-shot

    WhatsApp - Some doubts

    I have been using WhatsApp in Android for sometime now. I have the following doubts/irritants. If anyone has solutions for these please suggest. How to send / forward the same message to multiple recipients in one go? How to clear the message database without removing the group information?
  7. krishnandu.sarkar

    Which Brands to Consider For Split AC

    Hi, I'm looking to buy a 1Ton 3 Star Split AC for my home. I checked out local electronics shops here, but can't make up my mind which brand to go for? I have heard people saying to avoid LG and Samsung in case of AC's. So how is Bluestar, Daikin, Hitachi, Voltas, Whirlpool etc? My dad is...
  8. A

    HTML help

    Hii Guys I'm currently learning HTML.I wanted to know if there was a way to shift a Hyperlink text a few spaces forward?? Example- Email __________ Password___________ Login Is there a way to shift the "Login"...
  9. $hadow

    Professional headphones needed.

    Hey guys whats up? Well my cousin is looking forward to start of his dream of becoming a Dj. He is looking forward to get a new headphone. He was earlier using Sen hd202. Well this will be a kinda gift from his cousin side so I need to know can I get anything good around a budget of 15k...
  10. ©mß

    How to forward port?

    I am using ZTE MTS AC2787 data card. I want to forward ports so that I can use it in Kali which I am running in Virtual Box. Help me with guys.
  11. Renny

    [Want to Buy] Need an album from iTunes

    I don't have a credit card, so can anyone please purchase an album from iTunes for me? The album costs Rs.120/- PM me if willing to help! I'll forward the details thereafter.
  12. $hadow

    Galaxy Note 3 For 49,000

    Samsung is going to launch note 3 for 49k and a bit more than that rumors says that it will be priced around 47k but it is listed for 49k how many of us are looking forward towards pre-ordering it. And how much justified is the price?
  13. G

    How to overcome anxiety and depression?

    Hi all, I started this thread for asking some tips to overcome these issue. Anxiety-Whenever i face a problem , my mind gets negative thoughts of failure. For eg When iam at home, i get anxious when i hear some people outside calling or vehicle goes by. I feel sometimes that some bad thing...
  14. R

    Need a modem+router within 3k

    My dlink 2730u adsl modem+router just doesn't power on.Anways I wasn't satisfied with the performance.Looking for a modem+router to use my bsnl bb connection on my pc as well as share it across different wireless devices in my home.I live in a two storeyed house, so I need the range of the...
  15. windchimes

    Question on excel/google spread sheet

    Hello geeks, Well, I am not an expert with excel sheet and need to make this simple formula to calculate one value. It involves the division of two numbers and then to multiply that answer by 100. How should I do this? Say columm A has an entry 50,000 and column B with 100 and I need to...
  16. S

    while gaming, buttons remain pressed in key board.

    Whenever i am playing any game, the w key for moving forward keeps on working even after releasing the key. if i use the arrow key for moving forward, then no such problem is seen. Is there something in my settings that has gone wrong. Btw, my w key is fine, it works fine with other softwares...
  17. ashis_lakra

    [Want to Buy] Sapphire HD 6850 1GB DDR5

    Anyone looking for upgrade and willing to sell his graphic card ( mentioned in title ) at throwaway prices :razz:? PM me your offers. I'm looking forward to SLI with my existing card, so unless i get a very good deal of higher end cards than HD 6850, i'll mostly skip it. Thanks
  18. S

    ZTE ZXDSL 831 port forwading for utorrent.

    Hello guys... plz help me out i am in big trouble..i am using reliance broadband internet n my modem is ZTE ZXDSL 831. I tried to port forward my all method but i didnt getting NAT page in Advanced option. My internet speed is so slow.. plz tell me to port forward trick for such...
  19. sayan8

    Are both The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings and Enchanced edition same...???

    I have never played this game.....looking forward to play this......but there are 2 titles.... are they same i mean same story line,hero ,etc...../????
  20. M

    Lenovo or HP

    Hey, I want to buy a laptop upto 45k. It would be my third one... 1. Compaq presario 2. dell studio I dont want to use dell any more.... I heard a lot in negative of sony vaio. So m really looking forward for lenovo or HP !!!! glad if you could suggest me which one is better ??? I...
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