Have you too been cheated by Digit?

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Hello guys,

I am sorry to inform you all that I have been cheated by Digit. While I was promised of a 1 GB pen drive with the new subscription, they never kept it. It has been more than 6 months since the subscription began, and yet the gift was not delivered despite four emails reminding them. Hell, they don't even reply to the emails now. I surely, have been taken for a ride by Digit. Is there anyone among you, who too has been duped by Digit?:x


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April DVD cheated me. It is not working inspite of several reminder till dated I have not received replacement copy.
Also Digit patron cheated me.


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i had a subscription deal to get a 128 MB pen drive which never came for 6 months, after months of emailing, they sent me a 256 MB one :)


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DVD and CD.....several times Digit cheated me..i hav send 3 mails abt problem in april issue of DVD.no responce..their service is too bad.....


My magzines use to reach me by about 20th of each month. Thats toooo late. So I didnt renew my subscription and am planning to shift either to Chip or PC World. As such, Digit has a focus only on Hardware and even after so many emails from so many users, they never care to publish more about software. It is quite clear that these hardware companies pay them a good amount whereas in India, software companies are not that effective due to piracy.

Sukhdeep Singh

I never bought the issue in which Patron was closed. Digit should have given 3 months warning before closing it.

Next month i read the issue and found it was closed. Useless :(


I feel sorry abt you guys.............But I am 90% satisfied by DIGIT.Only problem I face is little late in delivery. I have got all issue of digits n all gifts.

Even if any month I got bad CD/DVD..I just mailed to them..and I got new one.
Thanks to digit...But that took some time.So,plz chk the delhi courier service.
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Hello guys, finally justice has been done to me. After several emails to digit, and creating this thread and emailing this thread to them has fetched results. They finally shipped 1 GB pen drive to me. Moral of the story is that you have to fight and not give up easily. With increased publicity, injustice can be reverted to justice.
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