1. T

    Negative Experience Snapdeal Fraud- Feels like I m cheated

    Hello , I ordered a panasonic 32inch full hd led for 17490 on 18th september as i ordered it on my fathers kolkata office address.. it got delivered on 29th sept via vulcanexpress courier and when my father opened the package the tv was damaged. So i called snapdeal cc after several times...
  2. A

    Negative Experience Cheated by - How i paid 63500 for a piece of marble

    The title says it all... i gave 63500 for a MSI Sea Hawk and he sent me a marble instead. This video has pictures and the details- Cheated by - How I paid Rs 63500 for a piece of marble - YouTub Now, he has washed his hands of me and is also ignoring my...
  3. S

    Bad experience at lamington

    After taking advice of members here, I finally upgraded my PC. Bought AMD x4 955BE and gigabyte 880GM-UD2H (could not find 880GMA-UD@H :sad: ) and 2gb ddr3 ram till now(wil buy more ram and smps soon) but it dint go as well i had expected. My first experience at lamington road turned out to...
  4. N


    guys....recently i bought an xbox 360 for about 13.5k even though its mrp is 19.9k. later,i found out that the import date was august 2006.So do u think i got cheated???? is my console vulnerable to the RRODs???i play only for about an hour or two daily. also is it a bad choice to get it modded???
  5. quan chi

    need your suggestions!! cheated by a shopkeeper.

    well for two to three years i used to get original rented cds and dvds from a shop.which has only original cds and dvds collection. so due to this the shopkeeper became familiar with me and vice versa. now few days back i called to that shop and asked if kidnap cd or dvd is available or...
  6. K

    Anbody working in hdfc bank-somebody cheated me

    Hello there is there somebody working in hdfc can help me somebody has cheated me so i need help :mad::mad::mad:
  7. mns.saraf

    best indian shopping site

    suggest best indian shopping site because in my first online purchase from rediff i got cheated
  8. V

    upgradation advice?

    hi all i want to upgrade my system.currently i have p4 2.4 ghz. i would be upgrading the ram,mother board and also the processor and would also be putting graphics card of 256mb. please advice what new processor and motherboard should i go for.will it be intel or amd and also the...
  9. Sridhar_Rao

    Have you too been cheated by Digit?

    Hello guys, I am sorry to inform you all that I have been cheated by Digit. While I was promised of a 1 GB pen drive with the new subscription, they never kept it. It has been more than 6 months since the subscription began, and yet the gift was not delivered despite four emails reminding...
  10. B

    assembled or branded

    I am ready to spend 25K to 35K in Bangalore on a desktop PC for home use. priority is performance,multimedia. should I go for assembled or branded. (I am weary of getting cheated if go for assembled eg not genuine parts)
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