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    Signal to Noice Ratio

    Hi All, For speakers Signal to Noice ratio should be more or less? Which one is best? Kindly suggest me....
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    flickering lcd moniter and sound problem

    tell me the solution of my flickring moniter and some noice in my creative 2.1 woofer.:x
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    My Review of Creative EP-630

    I got Creative's in-ear noice-cancellation earphones from the IT Mall,Lamington Rd.,Mumbai for Rs.975(earphone+an exhaust fan). u'll get them in most shops but the intial price is 1k everywhere then it depends on your bargain skill. For the Test-I conducted the test using my bundled 5300...
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    Hard Disk problem

    For the past one day my Hard disk has been making a strang noice ie. of BUZZZZiiing it is not that loud so as to be heard in the day but it is definitely not usual to my system. i mean my hard disk never made such a noice. Its a Samsung 40 GB Hard Disk..... :shock: Will this cause...
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